In real estate marketing, finding constant customers is the vein that makes all systems start to fall into place for the desired returns to be overtly achieved. Just like any other successful business, innovation coupled with wholesome ingenuity is the main requirement since at the end of the day little would have been achieved. For all the investors in real estate, maintaining a prolific business for 365 days is the biggest hurdle that keeps on facing most of them. Splendid and immaculate advertising that is timeless in nature is the absolute key that unlocks this serious predicament.

The query on any investor's mind is how to package the message in an effort to attract all potential home owners as well as that customer who is ready to make a purchase. It is very satisfying to realize that it is the simple things in real estate marketing that will widen ones selling proportions. For example, everybody uses a pen occasionally while others have the pen as the consistent companion every day, from their affairs at home to business issues at work.

The initial fact towards effective long term real estate marketing is maximization of opportunities when such god-given endowments as holidays set in. The easiest thing to carry out is to come up with a calendar card and prepare it as a greeting card. The card should be mailed at the end of every year, preferably around Christmas as the festive aura sets in. These calendar greeting calendars should then be sorted out and mailed to the investor's names in his/her contact list carrying a very brief and personalized note.

The bottom line is people usually keep these cards in places where they are observable from January to December when they are replaced. At the bottom of the calendar card there should be an imprint which carries the investor's business name, the kind of service offered plus a 24 hour contact number engraved in very catchy graphics. This calendar card must be quite conspicuous to make it captivating and draw attention to itself.

The pen is a very important artifact in advertising, as well as in real estate marketing. It wields some power and importance that cannot be found anywhere else. This is a clue most people either ignore or just do not know. The investor has no choice but invest in pens which suit the taste and preference of the modern day since a stylish pen attracts attention as compared to an ordinary pen, boring to look at and lots of clients either ignore it consciously or unconsciously. The pen should have some details that are observable to draw attention, in a summary, such as what the company is all about, phone number and name plus a catchy statement which draws the attention of the clients towards it.

In short, these specific small details such as a pen on the counter or even a calendar standing on a desk makes all the difference, making real estate marketing effective and investment calls to trickle in all the year round.