Free TV for a year

Talk to your friends and earn $1,000

Cable and satellite television bills can be one of the larger expenses families encounter.  However, a majority of families around the world gladly pays high rates for something they cannot live without: television programming.  Television has become a staple in a nearly every household in the United States.  According to Nielsen estimates, in 2010 the number of households with television in the United States was 114.9 million. 

There is a way to get television programming for free.  Many television programming providers like Dish Network and Directv offer a referral bonus program. 



A satellite television company may offer a referral bonus for convincing a friend or neighbor to sign up for that company's service if you are currently a customer.  By referring your friend or neighbor, if they sign up and reference your account number, you'll receive a discount coupon or even cash.  Some satellite television companies offer $100 for each referral. 


As of 2011, a mid-level television programming package may cost about $80 per month.  Take $80 and multiply that by 12 months and the total cost for the year is $960.  Currently, Directv, which is one of the largest television programming providers in the world, offers a $100 account credit for each referral made.  The maximum referrals that can be made by one customer are 10.  Ten referrals at $100 per pop adds up to $1,000 credited to your account balance.  As mentioned before, a mid-sized programming package can cost about $960 per year.  By getting just 10 friends or strangers to sign a two-year contract with Directv, you can enjoy free television programming for an entire year.  An added bonus is that the new customer also receives a $100 credit to their new account.  It’s a win-win-win for the television programming provider, the current customer, and the new customer.


Most television service providers usually supply current customers with brochures or pamphlets that outline the referral process.  Usually, a phone number must be given to the prospective customer and during that phone call the new customer must reference the current customer’s account number.   This is the only way the television provider can track customer referrals.  Once the sale is complete, $100 will be credited to the current customer’s account, which is just as valuable as cash.

If you are interested in more information regarding the referral bonus program for your current television programming provider, simply check the company website or call.  Another method may be to ask an employee or installation technician that may be in your neighborhood.   Installation technicians will usually be carrying brochures or pamphlets with more information. 

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