Sitting on a pier, dangling a line in the waters below, is relaxation in one of its best forms.  Nothing removes the stresses of the day as swiftly as baiting up a hook or tying on a lure and pitting yourself against an opponent you cannot see until the fight is over.  The reasons for fishing are not important, be it sport, food or otherwise the act of Angling can bring joy, excitement and a sense of accomplishment to all who try it.  Most of who are hooked from their first day, into a lifelong hobby bringing countless hours of fun and relaxation to their lives and those of their families. 
     If you have never tried fishing today could be the start of your journey into a lifelong obsession.  With countless methods and products available to the modern angler, today we are spoiled for choice.  But, for less than ten dollars you could be sitting on that wharf right now!  With a handline, some hooks and sinkers and a bag of bait you are off and racing.  That is one of the greatest attractions to fishing.  Anyone can do it and you don’t have to sell a kidney to get going.  Of course, once you get into the swing of it and the fishing bug bites.  You may end up asking yourself how much you can get for that kidney!
     What’s that!  You have never been fishing before?  Or is the dust on your tackle box is so thick it can be read like the rings of a fallen forest giant?  Maybe it’s time to get out there and have a go then.  You won’t regret it.  Catching a fish isn’t even a requirement.  Just getting outside and letting your troubles fade away, as you fumble with a knot or try to get the line through the eye of the hook, soon enough you will have difficulty recalling what it was that had you so stressed out in the first place. 
     Feeling the sand beneath your toes as you cast into the sea in front of you is something everyone should experience.  Knee deep in a river wading.  Finding a steady foothold on the slippery rocks below while you try to entice the trout into sipping up that lure you so carefully placed. The experience is never the same.  That is another of the benefits of fishing, getting out and seeing parts of the world that you might otherwise had never of seen. 
    Fishing has so many elements; exercise, relaxation, beauty, and excitement just to name a few.  There is also disappointment when the big one gets away, but that is soon forgotten when the next contestant jumps on the end of your line.  One gets quite the adrenalin rush when they hook up, and it never fades with age.  I still get as excited as I did many, many years ago when I first started.  I’m sure people walking the beaches while I fish must think I have lost the plot sometimes.  A big hook up can get a person quite vocal.
     With all that said all you need to do now is brush the dust off your tackle or get out to the shops and get your hands on some gear and go and do it.  You’ll be hooked for life.  With all the information available at your finger tips you’ll be a pro in no time.  Remember to check your local regulations first.  Enjoy your fishing and only take what you need for a feed!

A Friend Of The Author With A Fine Australian Salmon