If you have a teenager, you probably have heard "I hate you" or "You ruined my life" at least once in your life time as a parent. I can not perform miracles, but I can tell you how to get a teen to laugh with you when they are completely and utterly disgusted at you.

Things You Will Need

Patience and Playful attitude

Step 1

Step away. You must step away from those harsh words that are being spit at you like word vomit and remember that they are not personal. At times, they may cut thru with a double edged sword and make your heart sink as they dance around you in a mists of defiance. Keep in mind that teenage years are difficult years filled with more stress to be accepted than we can fathom. Yes, we were all teens

once, but times have changed.

Step 2

Keep your sense of humor. If you joke with your teen they will see that you are not going to cave into another argument with them. Your teen will see you shrugging it off and they most likely will shrug it off too.

Step 3

Deplete the teenage temper. Hopefully this step will make your teenager smile every single time. Hopefully it depletes the teen's temper and they just can not go on being miserable. Look your teenager in the face, eye to eye. Hold up your finger and twirl it around going towards their cheeks while saying "I see your dimples." My teen laughs every time.

Teenagers may be under more stress than they appear to be under, at times leading parents to believe that they are simply moody.

Tips & Warnings