I was recently at a barbeque that became quite busy and the only shady area was on the deck under the patio covering so most of the guests had to sit on chairs out on the lawn and at picnic tables in the sun.

I quickly realized that I was going to burn with the hot sun beating down on my head, so I tried to find a corner of shade from the house in order to avoid the sun, and as I looked around I saw many guests had brought a beach chair will umbrella attached to the top.  I had those quick fold up chairs with the drink holder but not this type with the canopy or umbrella over your head.

I was quite surprised when I really had a good look at one, and when I asked one of the guests about it she said she had an extra one in the trunk of her car.  This way I could sit with the rest of the guests.

After she unfolded one (they fold up very portable) I was able to sit with everyone else and enjoy the afternoon.  I was really impressed with these umbrella chairs.

I can see using these at the beach or basically keeping them in the trunk of the car for anytime you visit friends and relatives and sit outdoors.

You can adjust them to get the best shade, and this woman told me she brings them to all the sporting events she goes to.

She has owned one all season and said it is still in good shape.  You can simply hose it down and let it dry and then fold it up.  This way you are not all huddling under the corner of the house where some shade might be or all trying to squeeze under the gazebo roof or patio umbrella.

Beach Chair with Umbrella AttachedCredit: Amazon.com
Kelsyus Original Canopy Chair (Blue)
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(price as of Aug 9, 2015)
this canopy or umbrella keeps the sun off and also becomes the bag.

If you are having quite a few people over they will not all fit under your gazebo or dining tent, so having shady spots for your guests would be really helpful, but also having this style of beach chair would be perfect for any spot that is not so shady.

This chair is extra wide and strong, will hold up to 250 pounds comfortably.  You wouldn’t think that to look at it, but it is very strong and sturdy feeling when you sit in it.  You don’t have to use the canopy if you don’t want to, but as soon as that mid-day sun hits or a sprinkle of rain you can simply bring it up over your head. 

It has overhead storage pockets for anything you don’t want to put on the ground, and the canopy actually becomes the bag when you fold it back down and the armrests will become the shoulder harness for carrying it, so no extra bags to deal with.

I really like how fast it was to set it up, and no bags to worry about blowing away.  This would be so easy to carry on those camping trips, trips to the beach, open fields at the game and more.

I have decided that I like these better than the basic ones especially since it was designed to basically fold in upon itself with a self-made bag with two strong snaps to hold it all together.

I was always losing those other bags!  So, after spending a great afternoon at this barby under the shade of the beach chair with attached umbrella or actually a canopy I am going to get these to keep in my car.