Getting a beach shelter tent is one of the best ways to keep the sun and the wind off of you while you are enjoying yourself outdoors.

If you are heading to the beach for vacation or just for the day and it is wide open with very few shady areas, then you may be asking for some serious sunburn and windburn.  These quick popup shelters are designed to keep the sun off of you as well as the wind while you enjoy your day.

We all know to wear sunscreen, but leaping in and out of the water can be hard to keep enough of it on your skin.  During rest breaks or snack breaks it can be nice to have a place to go, to rest or to apply more sunscreen out of the direct sunlight.  By using one of these, you can keep everything in this tent, and still sit under its shade and enjoy the view of the beach and the water.

I personally love the idea of these, as a way to coral all the towels and toys from the kids.  It is also a great beacon for the kids to know exactly where you are based on the color or the style of the tent.  This is especially true if it turns out to be a busy day and kids or even adults can get easily disoriented as to where they are exactly when coming out of the waBeach Shelter Tentter.

My son always had to wear pretty strong glasses, so when he went into the water for a swim at the beach, we always had to make sure that the beach bag or towels were really bold and bright so he could see them and know where we were.  By having one of these, it will be a great beacon for everyone.

Portable 8' Beach Shelter

You still have to be careful of valuables, just like any other day at the beach, but at least this way you have a protected place for the kids or yourself to rest in, out of the sun’s harmful rays and a great place to keep the cooler full of drinks and snacks.

These shelters pop up quickly and they come down just as quickly as shaking out towels.  You may want to make sure the sand is out of them first!  Then they just quickly fold down and take up very little room in the car.

So, rather than having to sit very far back from the water’s edge because you need the shelter of shrubs and trees to give you some relief from the sun, you can get closer with a shelter tent.

These are very lightweight, and you can get them in different sizes.  They are a great way to keep all the toys and towels and coolers in one spot. 

You can get these in most camping supply stores, but you can also get a variety of sizes and styles online at such sites as Amazon.

If you are heading to the beach this summer, or while on vacation, consider getting a tent shelter, and get some protection from the wind and the sun while enjoying the beach.

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these are great for kids to nap in too.