If you commute to work riding a bicycle and are craving that java hit, then consider getting a bicycle cup holder, specifically one designed to hold coffee and other hot drinks.

You can get all kinds of bottle holders for bikes that attach underneath you and where ever it works best for water bottles, but sometimes you just want to take a traveller of coffee or tea with you like other commuters in the morning.

By having your cup of java or tea right there in a specially designed bicycle cup holder, you can arrive at work in a good mood.  These coffee cup holders for bicycles are designed to be used with one hand.

It comes with a 16 ounce travel coffee mug with a easy to open lid that can be done with one hand, and at the same time when you put it back it will not spill all over the place.  The two go together, the cup holder and the cup.

If you like to stop at a favourite coffee shop for that special morning latte or bold coffee, but found it difficult to take to work with you because you were on your bicycle, then getting a bicycle cup holder that is designed more for coffee cups is the way to go.

These attach securely to your handlebars on most bikes, and are not in your Coffee Cup Holder Bicycleway.  So, if you like to commute with your bike, but still want to get that Starbucks on the way there, especially to have at work, then attaching one of these to your bike will help you get the day started.

Soma Fabrications Morning Rush Bicycle Coffee Holder - 14605

I always had a water bottle holder on the lower bars of my bike, but never realized that you could also get a cup holder for those hot drinks that you may want to take with you on your bike.

It would be hard in my opinion to drink them while you are riding your bike, but a great way to get you motivated to get to your next stop, whether that is work or the park to enjoy that hot drink.

I actually saw someone go through the drive through at a local coffee shop on his bicycle, and he handed the girl the mug for his holder to fill with coffee, and then headed off!

You could head out to the park for your morning break on your bicycle and still take your coffee with you and a snack in a backpack. 

  This particular bicycle cup holder has a secure stainless steel holder and a stainless steel coffee mug, so there is no fear of the holder rusting on your bike.

You can get a bicycle cup holder at most bicycle accessory stores, but you can also get them online at such sites as Amazon.  Also check with the brand of your bike and see if they have an accessory site online and go shopping.

Now you can save on gas for your car, and ride your bike to work without having to give up your fuel (coffee).