Take Your Pet For a Ride

If you have decided to ride your bike everywhere, then you may need a bicycle pet carrier. Especially if you have a small dog, that maybe you like to take to the dog park, or a friends house, but it is far away.

Rather than driving your car, you could use a specially designed bicycle pet carrier that fits on the front. They are very sturdy and will fit most bikes. There is no fear of falling off, as they fit well but can also be taken off and used as a portable pet carrier.

With everyone trying to do their part for the environment and limiting our carbon footprint, you are seeing more and more bicycles on the road. Once that warmer weather hits, your little dog may be wanting to spend more time and get exercise at the local dog park and make some new friends, but having to start up the car and find parking just to let him have a few runs may seem like a waste of time, and doesn't get you any exercise either!

But what if you could get exercise yourself as well as your dog? So, dust off that bike of yours, get it tuned up, and make sure the tires and gears are working properly, and then ride to the dog park. If you have a larger dog, you can simply have him run beside you on a leash. A larger dog, can get warmed up before he gets to the dog park. Since he is a big dog, it is nothing for him to run a few blocks and still enjoy the park.

But for a little dog, that can tire him out before he even gets there. His little legs would not be able to keep up with your bike. So, if you have decided not to use the car unless necessary and have been avoiding taking your dog out and about or to the dog park, then consider getting a bicycle pet carrier for your bike.

There is one that will fit most styles of bikes, and depending on the weight of your pet. These carriers have pockets for your keys, money and snacks for you and your pooch. It is padded and there is a restraint for him, to keep him in the basket. Once he gets used to thisbicycle pet carrier idea, he will love riding in the bike with you. Solvit Tagalong Pet Bicycle Basket, Sport

Try it out around your area first to get him used to the idea of riding. Try it in your yard first, just in case he tries to jump out. Make sure and give him treats, and then when he realizes he gets to run in the park or the dog park, then he will associate the carrier with fun times.

What a great way to get exercise for yourself and your pet. The best part about these carriers, is that they are portable, and you can take him inside places, tucked away in this carrier that turns into a tote style carrier.

So, if you have been trying to figure out ways to get more exercise yourself, get your dog some more exercise and fresh air and reduce your carbon footprint, then it all points to the bicycle you probably have collecting dust in the garage or basement or backyard shed. Get it out, get it cleaned up, find a dog park, and ride to it with your pet, and let him run, then ride back. Win win for both of you!  Also see small dog helmet, to keep you small dog safe from falls.