There are actually several ways for you to get a blank copy of a birth certificate, some are free. This could come in handy when your little one is receiving a new doll, or for a pet. While this will not be an "official" document, it can be a pretty realistic looking copy of a blank birth certificate. The exact look and price of each can vary a bit, or you could even make your own, if you're looking to save a few bucks.


There are a few places that you can get a copy of a blank birth certificate for non legal purposes. You can try, or Both sites offer a fairly authentic looking document suitable for any new pet. Don't expect this to be offered up for free, these companies are in a business and will expect payment. In general, you should expect to pay about fifteen or twenty dollars, but it could vary a bit by site. Search around, you may be able to find a copy of a blank birth certificate for a little bit less.

To get a free copy of blank birth certificate online, you could search around, trying sites that specialize in play doll adoptions, or house pet adoptions. You just may find what you're looking for at no charge at all.

The Local Trophy Store:

You may also be able to get a copy of a blank birth certificate by going to any local trophy type store. As you'll notice the minute you walk in, they have all kinds of wall hanging type awards in paper form. Simply let them know what you need and they can probably whip something up. Again, don't expect this to be free, and don't expect it to be too terribly official looking, but it will do the trick for a new doll that you're daughter is receiving. Be creative, you can come up with a good way to make it suit your needs.

Low Tech, But No Cost:

Make a scanned duplicate of a real document, then white out the writing, and the official "seal" on the document. Make a new duplicate, and type or hand write in the new information. It is not illegal to make your own duplicate, as long as you are NOT trying to pass it off as an authentic document. This essentially has to do with immigration laws, so while it isn't illegal, it could, at least in theory, raise an eyebrow or two. Still, for a new doll or something to that effect, this is a viable way to get a copy of a blank birth certificate.

Make Your Own Document At No Cost:

You could actually get a copy of a blank birth certificate for free by making it yourself on your computer, at least if you've got some basic computer skills. Take a look at an original document that you've got laying around, and try to make a new one to mirror the actual document. It may take you a while, but you can probably do it with the programs already installed on your computer. If you have Microsoft Word or Works, just go to the template section and do a search, you can make a copy of a blank birth certificate on your own in a matter of minutes. Top it off with high quality paper, and you're done.