If you have ever own a clean couch, then you know it is because it is brand new and just arrived off the truck or you have cleaned it and the kids haven't noticed yet. A couch attracts dirty like a magnet. And it happens all the time.

So the only thing to do is clean your couch to make it look good and keep telling the kids to keep the grape juice at a distance.

Things You Will Need

* Dirty couch
* Vacuum Cleaner
* Paper towels

Step 1

Start by assessing the damage for the couch. Are there places where the dirt is unbearable or is it the entire couch? Once you know where to start, it makes it so much easier!

Step 2

For spots of dirt and food, use a heavy duty spot remover. Allow the liquid formula to sit on the stain for a few extra minutes to make sure the area is saturated.

Step 3

If you have excess animal hair you need to remove, start but vacuuming quickly, mostly you are looking to create static and wipe down with a damp paper towel. If you wipe in strokes the majority of the animal hair will immediately lift off with the strands left to be vacuumed.

Step 4

Sometimes when a couch is generally dirty, the ideal thing to do is just completely vacuum it to allow all the crumbs to be removed. Make sure you get in the couch cracks and around the edges.

Step 5

If your couch is still dirty and you are at wits end, it maybe time to pick up the phone and call a professional cleaner. This will cost money, but is considerably cheaper than buying a whole new couch (or going crazy looking at your dirty couch for that matter.) If all else fails and you just can't keep your couch clean, consider buying a couch cover and stop worrying.

Tips & Warnings