Getting Your Own Crossed Rifle Tattoo  

The crossed rifle tattoo has been around for only around 200 years, but the art of the tattoo goes back a long way. Many tribal groups used tattoos to mark important events, such as coming of age, hunts, or battles. Such traditional tattoos were also designed purely for decorative purposes. In the modern world, designs such as the crossed rifle tattoo were first popular mainly among sailors. Such men travelled the world at a time when this was a rare feat, and their tattoos reflected their adventures.


Modern crossed rifle tattoo designed are closely linked to the military. In fact, a pair of crossed flintlock rifles is the official insignia of the Infantry Branch of the US Army. If you’ve served the flag, you can choose to wear this design with pride and honor. Civilians get crossed rifle tattoo designs too, though you’ll usually see modern rifles such as the M-16. You can even choose a smaller design using crossed pistols or derringers. In the end, your choice comes down to your personal style and wants.     


Selecting the Best Location for Your Tattoo


People get tattoos all over their body and the crossed rifle tattoo design has been seen in a lot of body parts. The main deciding factor for your choice of location is privacy: Do you want to proudly display your tattoo at all times, or keep it personal and private?


For example, the celebrity Tia Tequila has a crossed rifle tattoo on her lower right arm that can be clearly seen with most clothes. Others prefer a location normally covered by clothing, such as the upper biceps, shoulders, chest, or legs. Keep in mind that your particular design will need a certain amount of space.


The location of the tattoo also decides how much discomfort you will feel during the actual process. Different parts of your body react differently to the tattooing needle. If you are not sure, ask your tattoo artist for advice on which locations are best for the most painless work.


Preparing for Your New Crossed Rifle Tattoo 


Once you have decided on the design and location of your new crossed rifle tattoo, you should get ready for the process. Always chose a respected professional artist; you may have to pay top dollar, but you also get a top notch design and hygienic, safe conditions. Most tattoo artists will recommend staying away from alcohol and drugs for at least 3-4 days before the process.


If you have dry skin, your tattoo artist may ask you to use moisturizing lotion for a few days, since smooth skin shows the best effects. You could also be advised to take Vitamin C and zinc to keep your immune system strong. Make sure you feel healthy on the appointment date; even a common cold can cause complications. After all, you don’t want your crossed rifle tattoo to get infected! Of course, the biggest preparation is to steel your mind and just go for it. After the minor discomfort of the tattoo process, you’ll have a powerful design that will be with you for life!