If you love the look of cushion cut engagement rings, you will want to read this before you head out to shop for one. They are gorgeous, that's a fact. Here are some more facts that will help you get a ring you will love.

If you love anything with a vintage look and feel to it, you will most likely love cushion cut rings. Antique cushion cut engagement rings can be found in many old jewelry collections. The shape of a cushion cut diamond engagement ring is very round and plump, and looks very soft. They were popular 150 years ago, and are enjoying a nice resurgence in popularity lately.

Rounded corners and only about 60 facets are hallmarks of a cushion cut diamond engagement ring. Those characteristics add to the softer look, since there is not as much sparkle. There is a small cut placed at the bottom of the stone that will help it look deeper, and reduce some of the increased brilliance it has because of the fewer facets. Again, this adds to the overall romantic, soft look.

High quality antique cushion cut engagement rings always have a good clarity rating, as well as a color rating leaning toward white. The large area of each facet will make it easy to see into the interior of the stone and any little flaws that are there will be easily seen, even by the naked eye. Yellow color can tend to diminish the brilliance of a stone, also.

In the old days, 150 years ago, rings were constructed with up to 8 prongs, which was thought to keep the gemstone in the setting more securely. Modern methods have made that many prongs unnecessary, however. If you stop to think of it, having that many prongs would actually hide too much of that lovely, uniquely shaped cushion cut diamond. Most new cushion cut stones are rectangular or square shaped, also.

Ok, now the bad news. Cushion cut engagement rings are expensive. All diamonds are expensive, of course, but because the stones tend to be larger and have very few flaws in them, cushion cuts get, well there's no other way to put it, darn pricey. I have seen some gorgeous cubic zirconia rings that are cushion cut in the recent past, and they are a dead ringer for the real thing. Maybe considering that alternative would get you your cushion cut stone now, and you can save like mad for a diamond version in the future.

If you love antiques and vintage jewelry, cushion cut diamond engagement rings will be just what the doctor ordered! These beauties are very versatile and you can wear them with many of the other ring styles you may already have, like your cubic zirconia rings. Make sure you shop around before buying one and get a good quality stone. It will not be cheap, but you definitely get what you pay for, right? Have fun shopping for your beautiful new (or antique!) ring.