Decorating your home takes a lot of creativity, but it doesn't have to take a lot of money.  There are many ways to get a professionally decorated look for less.  One of the top tips is to buy unfinished wood furniture.  Here are some different ways in which you can use unfinished furniture to achieve different beautiful styles in your home that will be worthy of photographing!

Shabby and Chic

The Shabby Chic style, developed and coined by Rachel Ashwell, has outlived trends over time and become a genuine category of decorating.  This look incorporates a modernized Victorian theme with lots of small prints, light colors, and a feminine feel, as well as eclectic touches.  Many of the furniture pieces are refinished treasures from flea markets and yard sales, but if you don't have the time or the interest to refinish, you may do just as well to spend your money on unfinished furniture and paint it to go with the other elements in your room.unfinished furniture

You will be seeking out the more ornate pieces and foregoing the boxy, crate-style furniture.  Items like rocking chairs, foot stools, telephone stands, canopy beds, and armoires are consistent with the feel of this style.  You can consider distressing, pickling, or antiquing your wood finishes.  If you choose to paint, go with light colors like white and cream, pearl gray, and icy pastels.

Finish the look with flea-market accessories to remain true to the spirit of the style.  Choose textiles in light colors to blend with your finished furniture.

Old-Fashioned Modern

A unique twist on decorating involves the use of Mission or Shaker style furniture in a modern setting.  Ironically, the clean lines of these styles lend themselves well to the streamlined look of minimalist, modern decorating, especially when painted in unexpected colors like glossy black, stark white or vivid primaries.

You can also finish the wood to retain a natural wood color and decorate with earthy colors like creams, greens, and browns for an ecological feel.  Use natural (possibly unbleached) fibers and fabrics colored with vegetable dyes.  Decorate with elements of nature to continue the “green” theme.

Stickley-style furniture is easy to find in almost any unfinished furniture mart.  Its simple styling makes it easier to finish than ornately lathed or carved pieces.

Southwest to Impress

Southwestern style pulls elements of Mexican and Indian culture and blends them with American influences.  Common colors used in this style are warm, sunny yellows; adobe tans; the turquoises and corals of jewelry stones; the greens of sagebrush; and the rusty red of clay.  However, these colors are best used in textiles and wall paint; wooden furniture in a Southwestern style is typically natural or stained, not painted.

You can find great styles in discount unfinished furniture stores to go with this look.  Crate-style furniture, while not traditional for this style, has a ruggedness that blends nicely with Southwestern decorating elements.  The flaws in natural oak and knotty pine also have a pioneer-like feel.  Warm finishes blend best with the Southwestern color palette; mahogany and cherry finishes go with a more formal scheme.