Could you be driving a Lemon?You've probably heard it said dozens of times that if you are going to buy a used car you need to get a Carfax history report first. This is some of the best advice that you can follow to ensure your future prized wheels don't end up being a freshly painted lemon. This report is not something that is always free or immediately offered by a used car dealer or even private sellers looking to sale a used vehicle. Luckily there are some simple ways that you can try to get a free Carfax History report. Here you will learn what some of those options are and some ideas on how you can implement them to get a free report.

One of the easiest steps is going to simply be to check into actual used car dealers that offer a free Carfax history report on their used auto's. This information will often be advertised as it makes the buyer feel that this company must stand behind their vehicles. So check the ads or make a phone call to a few local used dealerships.

If you have no luck in finding a used car dealership that offers a free VIN check then put on a little pressure. Take a trip and actually look at some vehicles that you may be interested in that are in your budget and when the time comes to talk sale tell them before you will buy you want a Carfax history report free of charge! If they can't accommodate your needs then the chances are they have something to hide and you should probably move on.

If searching through the classifieds, automobile magazines or other listings for your next automobile purchase then consider asking the private seller directly for a free Carfax history report. As with the dealerships - if they have nothing to hide there should be no reason to decline your request. To make it a bit harder to refuse you can suggest purchasing the report yourself and then taking the cost out of the sale price that they are asking for the vehicle should everything check out.

Lastly but definitely not least you can go directly to the website and enter the VIN for the car or truck that you are interested in buying and get a free Carfax history report that way. Though for full detailed information or if checking for several vehicles that won't come free but you will get an idea as to whether or not the vehicle may have some undisclosed damages or issues that are not easily viewable and perhaps a better idea as to how many previous owners the car or truck had. Through the Carfax history report you will also be able to see just how many others the car has been registered to which can assist you in making a decision as to whether to make the deal or move on. Make sure when visiting the site you check the bottom of the page where they offer a good selection of free history report options.