Get a Free Carfax History Report Before you Buy

Buying a used car today without a Carfax history report is practically like playing Russian roulette. A Carfax history report traces the vehicle's entire history. Everything is documented including all owners, dates the vehichle was bought and sold, and any information about accidents the may have been involved in. No longer is the power only in the seller's hands. Buyers can now rest well knowing that all they need to know about the vehicle is in the Carfax history report.

Request a Carfax history report from the person who is selling you the vehicle. Just like you see on the commercials, say "show me the carfax". Most dealerships will automatically include a Carfax history report when they sell you a car. If they do not, then go to a reputable dealership who will give you a free report before you purchase the car. Never deal with a dealership that refuses to give you a Carfax history report. When dealing with private sellers, you may also ask them to include a copy of the carfax report. They may refuse, but some will already have one. If they refuse, you can always get if for yourself online. In this case, you will have to pay for it.

Look on the dashboard of the driver's side of the vehicle for the VIN number on your used car. This VIN number is like a social security number for cars and will be identified with a particular car throughout its lifespan. When the car transfers or sells, the new owner registers the VIN number in his name and in his county or state.

Find the VIN number on the Carfax history report and compare it to the VIN number from the dashboard. VIN numbers are extremely long so go through each number individually to make sure they match. Match the year the vehicle was manufactured, as well as the vehicle's model and make to ensure that you have the same car.

Visit the Carfax website and enter the VIN number into the search field in order to confirm the information on the report you received. Just enter the VIN number and pres "get the carfax".

Go over the information carefully. This report determines whether you spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle, so go over it with a fine-tooth-comb. Check carefully for flooding or vague areas on the report that leaves questions. Also check for cars with have had many different owners.