Bumble & Bumble is an upscale salon in New York City that offers free haircuts for those registered for their model project. If you become a member of the Bumble & Bumble model project,  you will be eligible to receive free haircuts. The haircuts are performed as part of the classes at the Bumble & Bumble University. The Bumble & Bumble University teaches experiences stylist different techniques of hair cutting and different hairstyles.  All of the students at the Bumble & Bumble University have worked as a stylist in a salon for a minimum of 2 years before taking classes and giving free haircuts through the model project.

In order to be eligible to receive free haircuts at Bumble and Bumble, you must sign-up for their model project at the Bumble & Bumble model project website.  Click "Sign Up" on the homepage and then click the "Pre-Evaluation Form" to sign up for an invitation to a model call. Fill out the online form.  After you have submitted the form, you must wait to be contacted via e-mail to attend the next model call.

The model call is where potential hair models go to Bumble & Bumble to make sure that their hair is the right length and texture for the type of haircut (typically the razor bob) being taught at the Bumble & Bumble University..  Attend the model call and your hair will be evaluated by a stylist.  If your hair is suitable, you will be signed up for a free hair cut at their next avalaible class that suits your hair type. During the model call, you will also have the option of having your hair evaluated for a free color at one of their color classes.

Two weeks before your scheduled free haircut, you will receive an e-mail to confirm your cut, you must reply to the e-mail to confirm your appointment.  If your model call was less than two weeks prior to your scheduled haircut, your appointment will already be confirmed and you will not receive a confirmation e-mail.

On the day of your scheduled appointment, you must show up 15 minutes before your appointment starts.  You will be assigned a student and an educator.  The student will evaluate your hair and discuss with you details of the cut (length, etc...).  Be advised that the style of cut will be determined by what technique was being taugh, the most popular cut taught at the Bumble & Bumble University is the razor bob.  The student will need to have every step approved by the educator prior to moving forward and each educator supervises numerous students so anticipate that your haircut will take sometime (often up to 2 1/2 hours).  Enjoy your free and fabulous haircut and don't worry about having a student perform the cut.  Even in the worst case scenario where the student screws up, the educator will fix any flaws before you leave.

More Tips & Information about the Bumble & Bumble University and Model Project:
  • Both men and women are eligible for free cuts from Bumble & Bumble; however, classes on women's cuts are more frequent and free haircuts for men are harder to come by.
  • All of the student performing the free haircuts must have worked as a stylist in a salon for at least two years before becoming students at Bumble & Bumble University.
  • All of the free haircuts are supervised by an educator who will fix any problems with the cut before you leave.
  • Free coloring and free styling is also available through the Bumble & Bumble University model project.  You must first become eligible for free haircuts before you can bec0me eligible for free coloring and free styling.
  • Bumble & Bumble is a renowned salon in New York City that offers classes in particular cuts and styles to established stylists. The model project is for hair models for the stylists to practice their new techniques on.  Bumble & Bumble's most popular style of haircut that they teach is the razor bob.
  • Bumble & Bumble will often include free hair products as incentives for students who attend the free haircuts and free hairstyling.
  • It can be a long wait to get your haircut and you have little control over when your free haircut is.  Free haircuts at Bumble & Bumble are only performed when the classes have their final.
  • Free haircuts are typically offered on Wednesdays or Fridays at 12:30 p.m. or 2:00 p.m.  Occasionally free haircuts are scheduled for Thursdays.
  • The haircuts can take a long time because students must get the educator's approval before starting cutting and before taking further steps while they are cutting.  Be prepared to be at the salon for a long time, sometimes up to 2 1/2 hours.
  • Bumble & Bumble typically only offer haircuts that fit with whatever type of cut or technique they happen to be teaching.  The most often taught technique is the razor bob.  Therefore, you have little to no control over what type of style cut you will receive.  However, you will have input into the length and various details within the style of the cut.