Tricycles for Adults

Getting a giant folding bike or adult tricycle, can be the right way to go, if you have not ridden a bike in many years, or you just don't feel confident zipping around on a regular 2 wheel bike, or if you have things to pick up and errands to run.

If you live in the city and want to run your errands using a bike rather than you car, you are going to need cargo space, and many 2 wheel bikes just don't have the space. This is where the giant folding bikes or adult tricycles come in.

These are really cool for getting around town, as they are tough, there is no fear of falling off them as they have 2 sturdy back wheels for balance and a great spot for the carrier for all your shopping and errands.

The best part about these styles of bikes is that they can fold for easy storage. They are built tough but yet don't take up the room when you are finished for the day. This is great if space is limited at your place, or you live in an apartment.

These styles of bikes are great for seniors, or anyone with balance issues, who still enjoys or want the freedom of a bicycle. As we all try to reduce our carbon footprint on this planet, there are more and more people walking, or riding bikes to get from A to B. But with a 2 wheel cycle, if your goal is to pick up a few supplies, then you are faced with carrying a backpack on a regular bike and if your load on your back shifts, you could come off the bike.

So, this is where a giant folding bike or adult tricycle comes in. It is a great alternative. These have great suspension for lumps and bumps and potholes, and the carrier is a good size. Using this style of bike, you could go out everyday and feel confident about getting around and not falling off. Do some errands each day, and you will get that much needed exercise without the strain on your joints, especially if you find walking difficult for any distance.

If you have not been on a bicycle in a very long time, or just never got around to learning to ride one, and you are now an adult, then don't throw out the idea of owning a bicycle. You could try and start from scratch with a bike and adult training wheels, but if you are scared or doAdult Tricyclen't like the idea of riding a two wheel bike, then consider this style.

There are so many styles on the market now that you can check out. Tricycles are no longer just for kids. These are now sturdy built for adults. These can be the answer to the problem of shopping with a bicycle, especially if you need a larger carrier. Westport Adult Folding Tricycle

You can feel more confident with the sturdy adult tricycle, and also fold it easily for storage in your house or garage or front porch. You should still wear a bicycle helmet for protection, but now you can enjoy the freedom a bicycle can give you. Giant folding bikes and adult tricycles are something to consider to get out and about in, or to take a ride in the local park.  Also see cute helmet covers for kids to keep them safe.