A properly configured home automation system can improve your homes security

Burglar caught in lightCat burglars are well aware of the use of timers on lights so when they see a house they think is empty but a light comes on and goes off at the same time everyday, they aren't fooled.

A great feature of most home automation system software is that they can be a very high-end timer switch for a light or lights.  The system can then turn the light(s) on/off within a given time frame of dusk.  This is much more secure than a light on a timer that comes on at 6:00 PM.  Using the home automation system the light(s) can be turned within 30 minutes of dusk which may be at 6:00 PM.  The software can also be programmed to turn on a series of lights with a time delay, simulating a person moving through the house turning the lights on.

Place a couple indoor/outdoor motion sensors around and the simple cat burglar can be easily fooled.  Have the motion sensor at one end of the house start one macro that turns on lights as if someone is moving through the house in the direction of the motion.  A different motion sensor would fire a different macro that would turn on different lights.  This can easily simulate someone getting out of bed and moving through a dark house turning on lights.

Add door and window sensors and the system will be able to detect if/when a door or window is opened.  If a window is opened that shouldn't be a signal can be sent to set off a loud alarm, waking everyone in the house.  With a little wiring know how and the proper home automation module a horn can be wired up that will not only wake everyone in the house, it will wake the neighbors. Talk about deterrent!

It's even possible to get a unit that dials up to four numbers when it detects a break-in.  This doesn't need any monthly contract with a monitoring company and you can still have the comfort of knowing you'll be notified if anything is amiss at home.

Want to really foil someone wathing your house while your away?  Get a home automation system that allows you to control the modules from over the Internet.  Turn on and off even more lights than your programmed macros and a watcher will never know your not home.

Check into adding a module that opens and closes curtains as well.  This would be an even more unlikely thing to be automated that will make any watching burglar figure that someone is still around.