Maybe you're a freelance writer – maybe you like to practice your trade on Adsense revenue sharing websites, and maybe you even spend a great deal of time promoting your content by submitting articles to a vast array of social bookmarking sites. But apart from getting paid through increasing your Adsense earnings by increasing traffic to your articles, are you getting paid for the actual promotion as well?

Promoting your articles over the internet is not just about getting links to your content, it's about getting your Google Adsense publisher ID on as many web pages as possible – and this includes the pages that offer the back links to your articles, not just the pages containing the articles themselves. Most social bookmarking sites don't allow you to do this, but Add Blog URL is one that does. It may not get you as many hits or quick search engine submissions as a site like Digg, but the increased earnings potential that a site like Add Blog URL offers makes it a worthwhile addition to anyone's article promotion methods.

Once you sign up to Add Blog URL, it works much the same as any other social bookmarking site. You publish a link to your article, give it an interesting title and a short description, and click submit – this puts your contribution out there for the rest of the site members to see (as well as users arriving from various search engines), with the aim being that they click on the link and are lead to your article – where they can click on Adsense links and earn you some money. The difference here is that you can insert your Google Adsense ID into your Add Blog URL profile – which means that you will earn revenue from the adverts displayed next to the social bookmarks that you place. A full 100% share of the revenue.

Promoting articles online can take a lot of time – even more than it takes to actually write them. This is why it's important to have a system in place that is quick and simple and increases your earnings as much as is possible. Add Blog URL is a great addition to your efforts as not only will you be drawing more traffic to your content, you will be getting paid to do so. It's a double dose of Adsense earnings.

And as good as this sounds, it doesn't stop there - it's just one simple method to use to promote your content. The best way to use Add Blog URL is as part of the 5 Site Method. This method ensures you use the best site to write for (which also guides you through applying for your own Good Adsense ID) as well as the best sites to promote your content and increase your earnings. This is kept to a simple system incorporating 5 websites so that you have more time to do what it is that you do best, write.