Feel Safer

With the cost of air conditioning going through the roof, more and more people are looking to let in as much of the breeze as possible.  Using a security screen door is one way to do this. 

If you like the idea of being able to leave yours open and get some fresh air and a breeze, then you will need one with a screen to keep out the bugs.  But if you are also concerned about security, then you may want to consider installing or having installed a security one.

This type are a little different from your typical screens, in that they are built to withstand abuse.  This one (pictured) can withstand up to 700 pounds of force, so no one is going to simply bash this in with a simple shove on it or yank of the handle.

With this style, you mount it right on the jambs, so it can not be ripped off its hinges.  It is made of galvanized heavy duty metal screen that is very difficult to slice or cut and there are mitred corners to stop anyone from trying to rip the screen out.

These, work perfectly on an entrance one too, so you could install one at the front or back.  If you like to leave a solid door open for the breezes at night, then installing a screen that is secure and tough would be the best way to go. 

This would also work perfectly on a business doorway too.  By using your air conditioning only in the stifling times and then using a screen when there are cooler breezes, is a good idea and works well in our home at keeping the running costs down.

I was always concerned though, that there was not much between the house and the outside world with some of the more flimsy screen type doors on the market.  If you feel you need the extra protection but still want the bug free breezes, then consider investing in a one of these.

As you can see by the picture, they are beautiful as well as tough.  No need to look like a jail just because you want some security.

If installed properly, this type is not easy to break in.  It has a heavy duty latch and lock, just like a security steel door, and cannot be forced as many screens type ones can be.Security Screen DoorCredit: Amazon.com

This is a great style to have, if for example you are out in your yard and not able to see if anyone is trying to get in the front.  This way you can still leave the screen for the fresh air.  You could also consider installing a simple door alarm, so that you know if anyone is trying to open the door.

Leslie Locke 50730X80 Laguna 30-Inch-by-80-Inch Security Storm Door, Black

 Screen type doors disappeared for a while, as they would tend to look cluttered and their designs were limited and with the beautiful looking steel and wooden doors on the market now, and with air conditioning many people just came away from the double door system. 

But they are looking better and can be color co-ordinated to work with your curb appeal on your house.  It used to be, that as soon as the nice weather showed up, people would open their doors and use the screen door for breezes and fresh air, but as air conditioning became popular, as soon as the weather turned warm, the big doors and windows stayed shut and on came the a/c. 

If you can wait as long as possible before relying on the a/c you are going to save money.  Unless you have allergies, nothing feels as nice as those early spring breezes and letting the fresh air inside. 

So, if you like the idea of opening the doors and letting the outside in, but are concerned about security, then consider investing in a security screen door for peace of mind.  You can get these at most home improvement stores, but you can also get them online.