Get a Shower Filter for the Bathroom

Filters for Showers

Buying bottled water or using a water filter at home is very common. Most businesses have hot and cold water bottle delivery systems or otherwise filter their drinking water. It is common for people to use water filtration systems at home, such as the Brita filters in a water pitcher or Pur water filters. The majority of those who are exceedingly conscious of filtering their drinking water for consumption end up forgetting to get a water filter for the shower. Although water systems vary around the U.S. and the rest of the world, it is still easy to smell the chlorine in another person's shower after having had a filtered showerhead at home. Buying a water filter for the shower is one of the best health investments you can make. You can get cheap water filters for the shower. Some of the best shower filter brands run around $30 as their price for filters.

Shower Filter for Skin Health

Getting a water filter for the shower is a forward step you can take toward better health. The skin is the largest organ in the human body, sensitive to every molecule that is around, whether that is in the air or coming full steam in a relaxing shower. When you take a shower without using a shower filter you are inhaling chlorine fumes as well as fumes from other chemicals used to treat your drinking water. The water filter for the shower reduces chlorine and scale for softer, cleaner skin and hair. You will also notice a reduction in the sulfur odor when you are taking a shower using a filter.

Remember that only the water out of the showerhead is filtered. If you run a bath from the bathtub spigot then you are getting the regular unfiltered water. Although this seems common sense it is easy to forget once you become accustomed to having filtered shower water. Once you start using a water filter for your shower as well as filtered drinking water with a Brita pitcher or similar home filteration system, it will be hard to use unfiltered water again. You will become accustomed to drinking fresh drinking water as showering with a water filter showerhead. When you get a shower filter you have to change it according to the manufacturer guidelines. The Culligan Shower filter requires changing filters every 6 months or 10,000 gallons. Your shower filter can last longer though if you do not shower every day or use that much water. It depends on your habits or those of your family.

Getting a shower filter for someone else as a gift is a great gesture. Water filters for the shower are items that most will forget about or simply not think enough about, so they do not get a filter. But, the water filter for the shower plays a huge role in the health of skin. If you know someone who has trouble with their face breaking out with acne, get them a water filter for the shower, or strike up a conversation about shower filters or the role of filtered water in skin health. Washing your face with dirty and polluted water is not really washing at all. One of the best things that you can do for your family if one of your kids has acne, or if you do, is to spend the money on a shower filter for your water. Even if you just try it out in one bathroom, so you can see the difference, it will pay for itself in the freshness you feel after showering plus the acne treatment products you will save money on. Get a water filter for the shower. Once you feel how good shower filters are you will see what you have been missing. Do not forget it is not just that you have cleaner water, but you are no longer breathing in potentially toxic chlorine fumes. A chlorine shower filter is a good family investment.