Great for Craft Shows Too!

If you really like to enjoy the outdoors on your patio or in your yard, then you should consider a waterproof gazebo.

Not all gazebos are “waterproof”.  Many will state “water resistant” which mean for that drizzle you are probably going to stay dry, but in a downpour there could be some dripping! The fabric of the canopy has most likely been treated with a water repellent, but this is not the same as using waterproof materials.

If you like the idea of being dry, and want something a little tougher than many of the water resistant gazebos on the market, then you should look at any that have a “waterproof” statement in their title.

If you live in a wet area, this may be the better way to go.  I personally always thought they were waterproof but not all of them are.  I found that out quickly when I ran under one in a downpour at a family barbeque. 

It all depends on your needs.  Some gazebos are built more for UV rays and shelter from the sun, rather than waterproof.

If you are looking for waterproof, then the canopy will be made from a heavier waterproof material and the poles and all accessories will be rust proofed and coated.  Although most gazebos will keep out the drizzle, it can be handy to have something heavier duty for those downpours, especially if you end up hiding under one if it starts to rain.

Waterproof gazebos come in different sizes, and are a bit heavier than others, but just as easy to put up. 

A gazebo is a great way to add additional sheltered space to your yard, almost like an extra room.  But they have many more uses.  Since they have become easier to put up, and with some of the special weights you can get now to keep them up on hard surfaces, they have become a great addition to craft shows, and craft fairs in the park or outdoors.

They are also a great addition to the driveway at that next garage sale.  It makes you look more serious, your gazebo stands out from the other houses when you get those early morning garage sale buyers, and you can keep the sun and rain off of everybody.

Using a waterproof gazebo for the garage sale is a great way to protect sale items such as books and delicate items.  It just seems more inviting, than setting up a huge long table on the front yard.  You can set up a gazebo just like a store with aisles, depending on the size you get.

This way your garage or yard sale can continue even if there is a bit of a drizzle.  People don’t always feel comfortable heading into your garage, but will not mind the airy feel of a gazebo on the driveway or front yard.waterproof gazebo

So, if you like the idea of hosting a garage sale, or just having that protection in your yard for extra space or for that next barbeque, then consider getting a waterproof gazebo instead of a sun gazebo. Brylane Home New and Improved Waterproof 13' Hexagon Gazebo (CHOCOLATE,0)

Just make sure it states it is “waterproof” and not just “water resistant”. 

You can purchase waterproof gazebos at local hardware and home improvement stores as well as many larger garden centers, but you can also find them online at such sites as Amazon.  It is worth checking and comparing prices.  Many will not state either way what their protection is for rain, so you need to make sure it is rated as waterproof.

If you have ever sold in outdoor craft shows, when a heavy rain or drizzle has been going on, you will be able to see the difference between many gazebo setups.  I remember seeing one after a day of drizzle, lightly dripping on the vendor’s products.  Not good!

So, if you are in the market for a gazebo and you need it to take some rain, then make sure and find one that states “waterproof gazebo” and you will get that extra protection.  Also see setting up a gazebo bar and grilling station.