Are you troubled with acne? I was and I had almost given up. During my teens and early twenties I was troubled with bad acne and I tried everything. Sure the prescription antibiotics cured my acne, but they could not be taken forever. Like most other people with acne, I also tried the typical over the counter cleansers with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, only to left with an irritated face and continuing breakouts.

The solution for me was to straighten up my diet and give up all of the unnatural facial cleansers. I'm now acne free thanks to a Paleo way of living. The following steps will help you clear up your acne once and for all:

1. Eat a Paleo Diet

Yes, what you eat does matter in terms of acne! Eating a Paleo Diet means getting rid of sugar, grains, dairy, vegetable oils, and any type of processed food. The reason that you want to limit these foods is that they cause inflammation in the body, which among other things show up as acne on the outside. Some people following the Paleo Diet allow the consumption of Dairy, but in terms of acne it should be avoided by most. Those who eliminate dairy from their diet oftentimes report visibly less acne within weeks. This is mainly due to the fact that dairy contains growth factors, which for most acne prone people means trouble

Instead, eat a diet rich in meats, vegetables, and natural fats such as coconut and olive oil. Try limiting your intake of insulin spiking foods such as fruit, since high levels of insulin has been shown to cause inflammation and thereby acne. A key food for acne prone people to consume is seafood, due to its rich omega 3 content. Omega 3 is a great anti-inflammatory agent and will help reduce the formation of acne. If you don’t consume much seafood, consider supplementing with omega 3.

Other supplements to consider are probiotics and zinc. Probiotics keeps your gut healthy and ensures optimal digestion, so that you absorb all of the nutrients from your diet. The mineral zinc is a key element in the healing of your skin and helps reduce the length of acne breakouts. 

2. Use natural cleansers

Secondly, throw out all of your store bought cleansers with salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide, they are not doing your skin any good. Instead, these cleansers irritate and dry out your skin, making it harder for it to heal. Throwing out the cleansers it the toughest step and does take some courage.

To keep your skin clean, use the following natural cleaning :

Mornings: Clean your face with all natural baking soda. Simply mix 1 tsp. baking soda with 1 tsp. of water to form a paste. Spread the paste over your face and let sit for 1 minute. Thereafter, clean it off with hot water. Baking soda does not dry out your face and works as a gentle exfoliator.

Evenings: Utilize what is known as the oil cleansing method. Mix 1 tbsp. castor oil with 2 tbsp. of olive oil. Spread the mixture over your face and put a warm towel on top of it for 2 minutes. The warm washcloth will open the pores and help clean your face. Remove the washcloth and use it to gently wipe off the oil. Castor oil is a great natural cleansing agent and the olive oil will act as a natural moisturizer.

By optimizing your diet, you will heal your body from the inside. Add on a natural face cleaning regimen to keep your acne prone skin clear and happy.