Get backlinks for search engine ranking

Think you can just publish articles to sites like InfoBarrel, Hubpages etc and just start raking in money? Well, while that is possible there is a far simpler way to do things if you are willing to set your mind to it!

Many people here and on other similar sites will tell you to just keep pumping out articles like a machine, if every article makes you 20 cents per month and you publish 1000 articles you will be earning $200 every month without having to lift a finger for the rest of your life. Great in theory but what if it doesn't work out? Not every article you publish is likely to make money anyway unless there is a market actually looking for what you are writing about and if they are looking for what you are writing about is the competition in the search engine result pages too hard for you to beat to rank anywhere near high enough to get visitors?

Help with keyword research from a team like The Keyword Academy is what you need if you are wondering how to choose keywords that will likely make you money but not be too competetive. 

A Basic Lesson In Using Backlinks

We are not here to talk about keyword research today however, more to look into backlinks and how they can accellerate your earning potential.

If you want to make money on InfoBarrel or your own website you need to get backlinks to your content, without them you near enough are dead in the water with regards to making money online. Settle for a 'maybe 20 cents per article' if you like but that is not how you make money in this game, unless that is you want to spend 6 years hunched over a keyboard writing 3 articles every night after work before you can make a living... Maybe. Do the keyword research and then come back to this if that has been your tactic and you are seeing the error of your ways here.

What exactly is a backlink?

The most simple way I can describe a backlink is this:

  • A clickable link on somebody elses website that when clicked leads back to your content.

Not the most technical of descriptions but to be honest I'm not trying to baffle you with technical jargon, quite the opposite, I'm trying to make it simple. Not that I'm that technically minded anyway, you really don't have to be to succeed in this business, you just need a little knowhow and willingness to work.

Here is how a backlink looks when written in HTML code, I'll just link right back to this article for simplicitys sake.

  1. <a href="">Make money on InfoBarrel</a>

Lets break that HTML down to make it simple for us both.

First you have:

  1. <a href="

This is the first part of the code. I don't know what it means, I don't need to know what it means and I don't care what it means. All I know is that to get my backlink I need to put that right before my URL:


Then after my URL I put this:

  1. ">

Followed by what is known as 'anchortext' (More on anchortext later):

Make money on InfoBarrel

And then some more HTML code to finish the link off:

  1. </a>

Which will give us a link that looks like this:

Ok, I did it with the text editor here! ;-) The idea is there for when you need it now however, there is not always a text editor to hand when you need one.

Where can I get backlinks?

Ten backlinking methods

A good question, here are a few of the types places where you can obtain links back to your site.

  1. Blog commenting: Very low quality and will not help you out much, especially if the links are nofollow
  2. Forum posting/signatures: Better than blog commenting but still not great.
  3. Directory submissions: Again, helpful but nothing special.
  4. Reciprocal links from other content: They link to you, you link to them. More helpful again but not as good as...
  5. One way links to your site: This could also be a reciprocal link if you are clever and do your exchanges from 3 ways. You link to their site and in return they link to a different site of yours, better for both of you. Perhaps you can persuade another webmaster to allow you to write content for him in exchange for a backlink to your site.
  6. Article directories: InfoBarrel, Hubpages, Ezine Articles etc.
  7. .EDU and .GOV (educational and government) sites: Hold a lot of weight with Google, good links if you can get them.
  8. Press releases: Good links but definitely not the best, the strongest ones you will likely have to pay for.
  9. RSS feed submissions: If your site has an RSS feed be sure to submit it to RSS aggrigator sites such as
  10. Create or have a plugin created for wordpress: Good luck on this one, you need a genuinly helpful plugin that will contain a link back to your site with your chosen anchor text. Very powerful if you have the time, money and knowledge for it. 

The importance of the anchor text in backlinks

Remember our anchor text from the above example, 'Make money on InfoBarrel'?

Well, if I were going to try to rank No1 for those words in Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo, Bing and Ask I would probably need a lot of links just like that one on other peoples sites, each time I get a link with those words Google would see it as a vote for this page for those keywords and move it up the rankings in the search results.

It is not quite that simple however, if the only links I ever pointed to this page were to say the exact same phrase than Google would likely smell a rat as this is pretty unnatural. I need to include variations of that keyword phrase as anchortext such as:

  • how to make money on InfoBarrel
  • can you make money on InfoBarrel
  • make lots of money on InfoBarrel
  • lessons to make money on InfoBarrel
  • Best way to make money on InfoBarrel

Plus a few related anchortext keyword phrases such as:

  • earn cash with InfoBarrel
  • best way to earn $ on InfoBarrel
  • use InfoBarrel to make some money
  • can you earn money writing on InfoBarrel
  • earn money on InfoBarrel fast

Get the idea? 

Good, then all you need to do now is find a good way of finding long tail keywords.