My favourite Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts

Ever find that editing and creating Microsoft Word documents takes longer than you think? Find you have to stop typing to fiddle with the mouse in order to do what you want to do?

Why not improve your productivity by using these keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work?

1. Ctrl + z - Undo

This is probably the shortcut I use the most - which tells you how many mistakes I make! Fortunately mistakes can be undone quickly and easily with ctrl + z.

2. Ctrl + y - Redo

Just in case your undo was an error! And useful for repeating actions when needed.

3. Ctrl + c - Copy

Much easier than messing around with right clicking the mouse. Select your text first by using shift + arrow keys as well.

4. Ctrl + v - Paste. 

Copy is not much use without paste. Just move the cursor to where you want it and press ctrl + v.

5. Ctrl + x - Cut

Same as copy but where you want to move the text rather than duplicate it.

6. Ctrl + arrow keys

It can be painfully slow waiting for using the arrow keys to move around your document. Use ctrl + arrow keys to move a whole word at a time (ctrl + left or right) or a whole paragraph at a time (ctrl + up or down).

7. Ctrl + Home

Go to the top of your document.

8. Ctrl + End

Go to the end of your document.

9. Ctrl + Backpace and Ctrl + Delete.

This deletes to the beginning (backspace) or end (delete) of the word you are in. If you are at the end of a word ctrl + backspace deletes the whole word. Great for deleting a few words quickly without holding down the backspace key and accidentally wiping too much (although don't forget ctrl + z is there to help you out).

10. Ctrl + s.

Last but not least don't forget to save your work. When I am working on something I am in the habit of hitting ctrl + s regularly just in case. There is nothing more frustrating that losing your work.

I suggest picking up these new shortcuts one at a time until they become as natural as typing. Soon you won't even realise that you are using them and editing and producing Microsoft Word documents will be so much simpler.