Get fit for life, not for the summer! It’s almost impossible to go from being a couch potato to the "beach body" like physique in such a short period of time. Everyone wants to look great in time when summer is just around the corner.


It seems like when winter is turning into spring; everyone wakes up and realizes it’s time to transform from being completely lazy to a completely active person. And anyone who does this phase is never in it for the health benefits of being active and strong.

They are almost always in it for the abs and attention. Abs and attention is never a bad a thing, but why not keep active all year long no matter what the season?

Of course when it’s cold out, and its winter time, you may have snow or you may have blizzards or maybe just rainy days. It makes it easier, or almost natural to think it’s better to lay still in front of the fireplace with a hot chocolate drink.

These sound delightful but why not get active in the house or in the nearby gym? Better yet, invest 30-50 dollars in a small home gym and you can spend 5 to 10 dollars a month to upgrade the amount of weight or equipment to ensure your getting enough challenge to progress through your workouts. You don’t need machines and you don’t need anything fancy to get achieve the goals of your desire.

The number of people who sign up for the gym at the last minute just before summertime expecting real results and real benefits of being active in a short amount of time is ridiculous. Because we all know how much more empty the gym is when winter is just around the corner.


Being fit is not a 90 day program; it may be like for the beginning but it should be followed by other programs otherwise you can forget about real life benefits of being physically active. There are millions of benefits when it comes to challenging yourself in the workouts you should be having on a weekly basis.


Whether you’re looking for fat loss, muscle gains, or the superman (or superwoman!) body, you should be going after that look for life. When you stop being active and start being lazy, you almost go back to where you started before that 90 day program. This doesn’t benefit you not even in the summer time when it comes to being half naked!

Maybe it’s the timing that gives the motivation of the 90 day programmers to work out when summer is just a short period of time away. No one can give you motivation in a bottle; this is what you need to create yourself. Anything is possible; you can find your own motivation to work out all year long.

You can find the benefits yourself or even experience them as they are worth your time.  Anyone can find 12 minutes of their day no matter what season it is. It’s almost guaranteed that you will notice benefits and experience them from challenging workouts that make your body adapt to new heights.

It’s almost like insurance or protection against pain or injuries that will just lead you to spend hours at the hospital and we all know that most of these problems can be prevented with exercise, not medicine or chemicals.

I think I’d rather spend 12-20 minutes a day working out my muscles then to spend 3 to 48 hours in the emergency room taking injections of god knows what.

Use real life stories to inspire you, youtube, google, the internet is at your power. Ask your friends or go to the gym for a visit and sometimes you’ll run into people who have stories that will make you even more inspired and committed to stay active and healthy.

The internet and the world is your source of power that will lead to better things. Go hard!!


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