A school girl costume is a classic choice for girls (and always popular with the boys) and is easy to put together in no time at all. All you need is a little imagination and figure out what kind of a school girl you want to be. You could be naughty or nice: preppy or rebellious. No matter which one you chose, you want to carry it from head to toe. First thing you will notice about a school girl outfit is the mini skirt. A tartan or plaid pattern is usually the pattern of choice.

You can still go with something different, but find something that has a little pleating in it. Top that off with a shirt that is tied in the front, a halter top, short tank top or even a tight shirt. If you want to carry out the prep look, add a jacket to it that has an emblem on it resembling something you would see at a private school. Add a tie for a different look or even a pair of suspenders. If being the bad rebellious school girl is more towards what you are looking for, grab some sunglasses, add a leather jacket and maybe some knee high boots. Chains and leather gloves could be added to give the attitude look. Zombie school girl can be achieved by applying white and grayish makeup, then adding some fake blood. Wear a halo and be the good girl, or horns to be the devilish girl.

Sexy School GirlShoes are mostly the chunky heeled shoes. Boots would only be recommended if you are trying to carry out the bad girl look. As far as leg wear goes, there are a few options. The one that is the most popular is the knee high leggings or stockings. Nylons are ok. You may be able to find knee highs with little bows on them if you wanted to look a little more innocent or find garter straps for the not so innocent look.

Accessories are something that should not be overlooked. You could add a huge lollipop, but leave the wrapper on it. Blow bubbles with bubble gum. A belt with a stack of books is another idea. Think school. By adding books, rulers, pencils, or even a pointer it accessorizes the outfit. The hair can be done in pig tails that are tied off with a bow, or if you have long hair that you want to leave down, you can pull a piece back and add a small bow to the side. If you have short hair, go with a sassy or sleek style or purchase a wig to style to your liking.

You can achieve this look without breaking your budget. Thrift stores are always a good place to look for garments, especially if it is something you don't normally wear. School girl costumes ask you to carry a certain attitude to pull it all together. If you are innocent, act innocent. If you are the zombie, be the zombie. Toss your hair around if you're the preppy one, but be aware of your surroundings, you do not want to act in any manner that will offend or embarrass anyone.