The key to getting your articles, websites or blogs ranked higher in the search engine rankings is a little thing called website and keyword optimization. The steps to achieving this is real easy.
Start with your title. Your title is your bulk keywords. The more title keywords that are found in the content of your article body, the better your search engine placement will be. Example: If your article is called: Tips to finding the best car insurance online-Then the main bulk keywords that you will want to use are: tips,finding,car,insurance and online.
If you are writing a step by step article, try to include at least two or more of these keywords in each step and even more if you can without losing the quality of the article .

The more title keywords that can be found in your article content makes it easier for the search engines to find and rank your article,website or blog. The more easier it is for the search engines to finding your article, website or blog, the higher the search engines will rank your page. Most of the time the search engine will rank your page on the first search results page as long as it is properly keyword optimized as talked about here.

Lastly, when you add your keywords into the keywords, tags section of your article, add as many matching and related keywords as you can. The more the better. Make sure that you add matching and related keywords that are matched and related to the content of your article content. If you follow the information that is outlined in this article, you should see an increase in your article, blog or website search page results within a few days.