Getting in shape with Richard Simmons' Dance Your Pants Off DVD is not only a fun way to work out, but it is a great trip down memory lane. If you loved the music of the 1980's, then this is the workout DVD for you.

This is one of many that the fitness guru has put out over the years. Once an overweight teenager whose scale tipped at 268 pounds, Richard Simmons has a deep an genuine empathy for those who are overweight.

One of the best things about this exercise video is that the people showcased in the workout are built just like you and me. No super-thin, overly toned men and women in skimpy workout clothes who look like they live at the gym and only eat a glass of water and some carrots.

While there are a few slender professional dancers who are featured, most of the participants are overweight by varying degrees and are trying to lose the extra pounds. Some are formally overweight. At the end of the workout, each get showcased with how much weight she or he has lost.

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In fact, everyone is fully dressed in this workout. Richard Simmons produced this video in 1996, so you will enjoy some of the outfits and hairstyles of the exercisers.

The featured songs are a mix of fast and slow, and are sung by artists who sound just like the original singers, accompanied by a live band.

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The featured songs are a mix of fast and slow, and are sung by artists who sound just like the original singers, accompanied by a live band.

This fun and energetic workout begins with a fun rendition of Kool and the Gang's "Celebrate". Other songs, in the order of appearance are:

Sweet Dreams by Annie Lennox

What a Feeling (Flashdance) by Irene Cara

Gloria by Laura Branigan

She Works Hard for the Money by Donna Summer

Call Me by Blondie

Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler

Conga by Gloria Estefan

All Night Long by Lionel Richie

The Rose-by Bette Midler, sung by the songwriter, Amanda McBroom

Richard Simmons' workout moves are a cross between aerobics and dancing. They are not difficult to master at all; you just have to do the workout a few times until you get the routine down pat. The steps are repetitive and are done in sets of four and eight.

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The overall workout produces a sweat for me, and I am a fit person. If you find the steps too difficult in the beginning, just walk in place. If you want a harder workout, you can make the movements more high impact.

The workout has a running time of fifty-six minutes, which includes a warm-up and cool down. If you are short on time, you can skip some of the segments.

If there is one minus to this workout, it's that throughout each song the participants yell and hoot and scream. I am all for enthusiasm, but sometimes it is so loud it cuts into the music. And as a big fan of 80's music, I find it disconcerting.

In sum, if you love the music of the 1980's and need or want to get in shape, Richard Simmons Dance Your Pants Off DVD is a fun and motivating workout to get you in shape.

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