Are you struggling to get traffic to your website? I know the feeling. That's why I did some research. I found a really cool site called Xomba.

Xomba is a site that's free to join that will let you post links (Xomblurbs) and articles (Xombytes) that point to other websites.

Here's the kicker: There is no rule that says you can only post one Xombyte or Xomblurb per article your write or per page of your website

Xomblurbs are great for posting a quick link. Xomblurbs allow you to post part of your article or website as a teaser - to make people want to continue reading on Bukisa / eHow.

So, once you finish writing an article, why not create a few Xomblurbs / Xomblurbs each targeting a different key word?

Why do you want to target a different keyword? You don't won't your Xomblurbs compete with each other for traffic. You want them to be able to reach the largest audience possible.

Diversifying your keywords will, effectively, spread out the influence of your posts across several post categories. For instance, for an iphone application review, I posted a few Xomblurbs in Games & Toys and a few in Computers & Technology. Doing this will get your article better search engine ranking and exposure.

Better search rankings and exposure translates into more traffic, and at Bukisa, more traffic means more earnings!

The amount of traffic you get won't pick up immediately. It may take a few days or weeks, but if you promote your article effectively enough with Xomba and submit it to Google, you can't go wrong.

Check it out: