This time of year many of us are just escaping the winter months and are starting to be able to get outside a little more. This can lead to a great time to change up your workouts and add some interest and excitement to your routine. The best way to lose weight is the way that is interesting enough so you will stick with it.

Instead of spending hour after boring hour on the treadmill you can grab your shoes (and your dogs if you have them) and head outside. We are programmed to think that in order to get in shape we must sweat like a fiend. But the reality is that a brisk walk daily or at the minimum of a few times a week will help you stay in shape.

Walking sounds so simple but you can ramp up your workout in many different ways to get the maximum benefit out of minimum time. For one thing, head toward the hills. Finding hilly terrain to walk on can really help you work harder but you won't have to spend more time working out to get that benefit.

You can also add  some hand or ankle weights. That will also add a lot of extra benefit from the same amount of time. So a 15 or 20 minute walk can be amped up even more by trying one or both of these methods.

Riding your bike can be another great (and fun) way to get more exercise. Remember when you were a kid and you would hop on your bike everyday to head over to your friends house? Fun, wasn't it? Remember that the next time you find yourself feeling bored or like you need to get a little more exercise. just hop on your bike.

One of the nicest aspects of walking or bike riding for fitness is that you can easily do these activities with friends. It's kind of hard to do your workout in the gym with your friend, but you can ride bikes or go  for a walk and carry on a conversation virtually the whole time.

Most of us can get bored with the same workout day in and day out. Couple that with the desire you are likely feeling this time of year to get outside, and you easily get your workouts outside and accomplish two things at the same time.

The best way to lose weight is to keep it fun, keep changing it up and give yourself some time to get outside.