Developing websites isn’t an easy task. It’s not a walk in the park because if it were then it wouldn’t pay as much as it does nowadays. Developing websites requires not only knowledge in programming but also a bit of creativity and experience.

However, once websites are “done” from the perspective of its maker, it helps when another person’s perspective is taken into consideration. This is because the maker tends to have a bias towards the effectiveness, creativity and appeal of the website. This is the reason why some people are paid to test websites not only to look for bugs, malfunctioning or non-functioning buttons and links but also for its total appeal as a website.

Skills required

Any person can claim that he can be paid to test websites. However, it takes some skills to really be an effective tester. After all, the people behind the website are paying this person to do a very special job – something that they cannot do themselves.

The whole idea of testing websites is to make sure that it serves its purpose from the perspective of its intended audience/clientele. A very basic and primary skill that is required from a tester therefore is the ability to perceive the website as an ordinary website assuming the perspective of a person who is looking for a particular thing. The tester must be able to identify which parts or feature of the website is irrelevant, distracting or plainly confusing.

Another very important thing required from a person to be qualified as an effective website tester and earn from it, is of course experience. A person who has a concrete grasp of the way websites work will be an effective tester because he is able to see which fundamental features are lacking. He is also able to step into the shoes of a possible customer considering that most customers know exactly what they are looking for in a website.

The pay

Some website testers are paid per website. Others however are paid hourly. Those who prefer to be paid per website tested will most likely start at $10 per website. This figure increases as one gets to be more experienced because more and more can be reviewed once someone is already considered an expert. Moreover being a trusted tester also pays more. The opinions and observations of a trusted and experienced tester are considered very important to the creators of a website. Compared to newbies on the other hand, their findings might be subjected to second opinion which is why their pay is low.