You need:

A bottle of Apple cider Vinegar

Hand sized Towel



Total cost: Cheaper than skin creams which don't work!

First you need to make sure your face is clean from dirt - do not rinse your face vigorously because it could be abrasive to your skin. Just give it a wipe with your damp cloth so it will get rid of any surface dirt.

After that, you can use another towel or just your hand to rub in a bit of vinegar (enough to cover the surface of your skin with pimples). Leave for a while before diving into the shower or just use the sink to rinse it off gently.

The Vinegar acid is not too strong to feel stingy or strange, it is actually quite pleasant, albeit slightly smelly. The acid helps clear out any of your pores which usually are the cause of severe pimples or acne. It also helps tighten skin and get rid of dead skin debris.

Note: If you have any reactions which are negative, stop using immediately. In fact, it is advisable to test the vinegar on a small patch of skin first to see that you don't get a bad reaction. Your skin may redden slightly due to the acidic nature of the vinegar which is normal, but it should not be swollen or irritating.

Also: Do not get this into your eyes.

If you do, you need to rinse your eyes out immediately and perhaps see the eye doctor, just in case!

None of my friends would try this home remedy even though it's all over the internet! It even worked for me! I finally persuaded my friend to use the Vinegar I bought for her and her acne almost disappeared! Her skin looks smoother than she's ever had. She was telling me the other day how grateful

There isn't a particular brand of vinegar which works better than the other, but I tried Aspers and it seemed good enough for me! I bought it in tesco's, a normal shop. I like how this is so much cheaper and it actually works, scientifically proven!

Well Anyway I hope this works for you!
This home remedy has certainly worked for me in the past and I use vinegar everytime I have oily pores and bad acne outbreaks. Just make sure you don't use it too often or when your skin starts feeling dry!

There are several other alternatives if this isn't for you.