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Stress has been related to the onset of disease and sickness. Mental and physical stress affects your whole body, how you feel about yourself, and how you act and are perceived to others. There is no way possible to reduce all stress in your life but there are steps you can take to living a happier,healthy, stress free life. Here is 10 things you can do to reduce stress.

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1.) Laugh! – laughing is shown to stimulate the immune system. Laugh everyday and as often as you can. You will feel better.

2.) Get and Give a Hug – having no human contact can be detrimental to your life. Why do you think Italian families hug and kiss on the cheek all the time? It's respect and it's healthy.

3.) Get out of Debt – set up a meeting with a financial planner. Constantly thinking about your debt can take away time to enjoy yourself an others. Financial debt is likely to be around so deal with it.

4.) Sleep – get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. You have heard this many times before…well it is true.

5.) Have Sex – sex promotes health and releases stress. Knowing your partner is recommended.

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6.) Show Acts of Kindness – remember what goes around will come around. There is a sense of satisfaction with yourself when you help another person.

7.) Don't watch the news – how many times do you turn on the television to find the news talking about something good. Probably one out of every ten stories.

8.) Drive Less – think of how alert you need to be when driving. Think of how tough it is when you have 3 screaming children in the backseat also. If you do have to drive try and knock it all out in one trip. Plan accordingly to what you need to get for the week. It will also save on gas.

9.) Sing! – how many times after you fight with a friend or spouse do you turn up the music and just sing your heart out. It is stress-relieving. I'm sure you find yourself with the windows rolled up or down while driving singing not giving a care about anything in the world except that moment.

10.) Get A Pet – animals will give you unconditional love. They will never judge you and they never get sick of you. Giving love and receiving love decreases stress and increases the immune system naturally.