Once bed bugs have come into your home, it is extremely difficult to get rid of these pesky little creatures. Though there are some home remedies for bed bugs, it is best if you can afford it to have an exterminator come into your house and do the job right. It is very hard to completely get rid of bed bugs and it will take many hours for you to do so.

If you want a battle then what follows are some of tips and remedies for bed bugs. Please consult a professional as I do not want to see any one get hurt by following any of my advice.

The first thing you need to do is make sure that you actually have bed bugs and not something else. Bed bugs come out to feed an hour or so before dawn, keep a flashlight handy and check your skin to see if bed bugs are feeding on you.

To trap bed bugs, use double-sided tape or smear jelly around the foot posts of your bed frame, bed bugs cannot jump or fly and will need to crawl up into your bed when they try to do this they will get caught in the jelly or tape. This is a sure-fire way to tell if you have a bed bug problem.

The first remedies for bed bugs is to cover every bed with a bed bug mattress cover. Be sure to enclose the pillows and box springs as well. These items will keep bed bugs out of your mattress and will keep alive ones in, which will eventually cause them to starve and die.

The three basic ways to kill bed bugs are extreme heat, extreme cold, and poison. There are many poison sprays available on the market that will kill bed bugs, but be careful of young children and pets since it may also harm them. A steam cleaner, can be used to clean carpets, upholstery, and any fabric items, the steam will instantly kill the bed bugs. Be sure to clean of your clothing in hot water also. If it is extremely cold out, you can leave your windows open and vacate the house for a few days and all the bed bugs inside should be killed.