How to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches invade our house most frequently and cause utter disgust and discomfort. Almost every house suffers from their vile activity that interrupts domestic peace. They come from outside and make our houses a safe dwelling place for themselves. They damage food and spread germs all over that may bring severe health diseases. In order to protect ourselves and prevent their vicious entry we can follow certain steps and methods:

The first and foremost job is to find out where they come from. Cockroaches can be of larger or smaller sizes. They generally do not come out of their places in the morning. So one has to be very cautious and conscious of their appearance at night and follow them to trace their real existence. You should check all the open places, holes and cracks and if one single roach is found you can be sure of the presence of lot more. Apart from that they place their signs by leaving small brown droppings that indicate their existence. Cupboards, pantries are common places to be tracked as their favorite abode. So all these areas should be clutter-free and cleaned regularly so that roaches do not enter and stay there. No junk food should be stored or kept open as cockroaches love to attack these dirty parts.

how to eliminate cockroaches

Eliminate the cockroaches by the food itself made by boric acid, white flour and granular white sugar. Boric acid is available in some shops as roach-killing product but generally it is found in pharmacies and act as poison to roaches. Put it behind the drawers, under the sink and keep using it until the cockroaches are kicked out altogether.

After identifying the hiding places for cockroaches you can apply an insecticide and spray it at all the possible places of roaches like in cracks or vents. Make sure that children and pets are kept away from it and follow the instructions to reach the pests and finish them off safely.

cockroach baits

Cockroach baits are the weapons to trap and kill them. Make bait at a suitable place by attractive food that welcomes them by mixing poison with it. Being unaware of it the roaches tend to have the poisonous food and carry the same to the nest with them. It works slowly and kills them in a gradual process.

Traps can also be used as it is helpful in catching roaches by attracting them and then trapping them by adhesive.

At a dry environment a home-made jar is useful as a trap made in natural way. Get plenty of plain water inside it to invite cockroaches but do not let them go out.

Buy a bug spray from the market and spread it in and around the kitchen cabinet in a clock wise manner. Hold your breath for some time and make it in a faster way. Leave the room shutting all the doors and windows. It works well to drive away roaches.

Clean the trash and empty garbage regularly to discourage cockroaches. Air tight food containers and sealed containers are safe to be used. Leaving dirty dishes for long is forbidden as it attracts cockroaches.

Pay attention to keep your kitchen tidy and make it a clean place by vacuuming or mopping away dirt.

Cockroaches do not like the smell of naphthalene and hence put naphthalene wherever cockroaches may encounter.

Cockroaches use logs and piles of wood as their hiding places especially in colder weather to keep them warm. Therefore remove logs from around your house to keep away cockroaches

How to Get Rid of Roaches