At times it can be very discomforting to have spots on your back and chest. In some cases, showering more often does solve this problem, but this is not true for all cases and, therefore, this article will present various solutions to this problem.

One of the most popular solutions is to use an exfoliator, which can be bought from your local supermarket or health and beauty shop. An exfoliator can be a soap or a crème which also includes very small sand-like particles and its job is to assist in removing the dead skin cells. By keeping your skin clean and healthy and fresh you can avoid getting spots.

If you are getting spots after sweating from your gym, training or other activities then the solution would be to take a shower quite quickly after your activity and not let the sweat dry on your skin.

Among the natural solutions, something that works is the Bird’s custard. You must apply a small measure of this daily on the spot. This will also save you money as you would not have to purchase any expensive solution.

Putting baby powder on the spot area after shower will dry up the oiliness and this assists in getting rid of the spot. Similarly, taking a sun tan or sun bathing will also dry up the spot.

Among the preventive measures is the simply solution of chloride. If you go swimming, there is always chloride in the swimming pool and this has a very good effect for your skin against spots.

Also if your spots are already aging and the skin is somewhat or very dry you can put some plain non-fat yoghurt on the area and cover it with a clear plastic wrap. This can most easily be done before you go to bed. Just make sure to wash it off properly in the morning. More than one day could be necessary to solve the issue.

Other ingredients which work are tea tree oil and witch hazel, which is very good at drying up the spots.

A more crude solution is to buy some cheap scouring pads in your local supermarket or other similar shop. These would assist you in scraping the area and exposing the bacteria to air, which would kill it. Being somewhat gentle and showering straight away is also a good idea.

If none of the solutions work for you then you must consult a dermatologist (skin doctor), who may assign you antibiotics or, in more specific cases give you the proper direction.

Finally, remember that the types of foods we eat also have impact on spots. Eating more sweets, fats, greasy food and spicy foods leads to having more spots.