Make Passive Income Online with Revenue Sharing Websites from Well Written Articles

Original Quality Content from Well Researched Keywords and Keyword Phrases Will Make More Money

Making money on the internet is really simple.  Simply put...Write articles and get paid.  You may write articles on the internet about subjects that interest you, write how-to guides on any variety of things including crafts, hobbies like photography, improving your scores in games or sports, finding opportunities to make money online, completing online applications for jobs or reviewing business tools, etc and you can get paid. Your articles can be posted on a website that you control or own, or it can be placed on websites that facilitate revenue sharing. 

When you post on websites that offer revenue sharing, there are a few things that you should know before posting.

1) What are the minimum requirements for article length.  In other words, you need to know if each article  that you write must be 500 characters long or 500 words long.  Different sites have different requirements  so be sure to read the details.

2) What are the streams of revenue sharing available on the site.  That is, if Google Adsense revenue sharing  is available, then be sure and include your Adsense ID in your account information.  Other possible streams  may include Amazon Associates, Chitika, ZapUnited, Kontera, eBay, or CafePress to name a few.

3) When/how will you be paid. The frequency of payment of PPC programs and affiliate programs vary.  Some may  pay once per month, like say for instance on the 10th or the 15th.  While others may pay twice per month or once every two weeks.
Some tools/resources that you may find handy in composing your articles may include:

1) Google AdWords, Keyword Tool.  The Keyword Tool can be used to pinpoint keywords or keyword phrases and  help you calculate a value that can indicate the profit potential for those words or phrases in the  content of your article.

2) This online character or word counting tool is handy when you compose your articles in notepad.  You will  simply copy and paste your draft into the tool and click the button to verify the length of your article.

3) The Keyword Academy is a program, credited by many InfoBarrel authors, that guides you through keyword research in a step-by-step system  showing you how to choose the best tools for internet marketing of your website, articles or posts.

4) Niche Profit Classroom provides you with a proven blueprint to show you how to take your article writing  to the next level and build momentum for your online business through niche marketing.

The following list of top-rated revenue sharing websites are good places to start posting your original content-rich articles to earn extra revenue through PPC and affiliate marketing platforms.

1) InfoBarrel

2) Squidoo

3) HubPages

4) YouSayToo


Writing original articles or posts that solve your readers problem(s) is essential for attracting visitors or generating traffic to view the information and pre-sale them on taking a desirable action.  Now keep in mind that the more high quality content articles you write and post will increase your profits over time.  In other words, if you write an article per day starting today, you will have 365 articles a year from now earning you residual passive income, potentially for years to come.  So if you decide to write three articles per day starting today, there will be over 1000 articles authored by you in one years time earning you even more money.  Writing to make extra money on the internet is not complicated, really.  It will however take dedication and consistency in order for you to see the fruits of your labor.  So don't buy into the quick or instant "one-button" push scams of how to make money on the internet.  Just get your mindset correct from the beginning or rather before you start, because there actually  is "Work" involved in legitimate online work opportunities.  Start a legitimate online business today, writing articles for extra cash.