Covers/Cases/Folios for Kindle Wireless Readers

The Kindle wireless reader is one of the most popular gifts and electronics bought for others. It is also a very popular wireless reading device purchased for personal use. Whether you bought your Kindle wireless reader for yourself or someone else, it is also an excellent idea to get a good cover, case, or folio for your wireless reader. Some prefer the iPad or have a Kindle and an iPad or even a Nook or other wireless reader. As long as you know the approximate size of the device then you can get a case, cover, or folio. The size of the Kindle case, cover, or folio is dependent on the size of the Kindle. There are two main Kindle sizes, so knowing if you are buying the case for has a Kindle 1, Kindle 2, Kindle 3, Kindle DX, and so forth, is less important than the two sizes. The Kindle wireless readers are either 9.7 inches or 6 inches. Knowing this, the only way you can go wrong is getting a cover, case or folio that is too small. The iPad also needs a 9.7 or 10 inch case, folio, or cover. Regardless of size, choosing a Kindle, and then getting a case or cover is a good idea.

The Best Cover, Case or Folio for a Kindle Wireless Reader

There have been several different reviews of Kindle cases. Because everyone needs something different it is important to decide whether you want to get a Kindle cover, case, or folio. These Kindle covers are usually interchangeable with other wireless reading devices or ereaders, so you can use an iPad folio for the Kindle.

There are a couple reasons to buy a case, cover, or folio for the Kindle. One reason is that it may reduce theft. If someone sees a Kindle laying out then he knows exactly what he would get by taking it. However, if it is tucked away in a Kindle case or folio and inside of your laptop messenger bag then it is likely safer. Another reason, and probably more important, is that when you carry around your Kindle without a cover it is more likely to get fingerprints, scratched and dinged. Some ereader cases also have kickstands on them so that you can use the Kindle without having to hold onto it.

Amazon Kindle Cases

Amazon has some of their own Kindle cases that are very popular. One highly rated Amazon Kindle case is the Jet Black Fiber Flip Case. This Kindle case is a leather alternative and is affordable. It has a kickstand and a magnetic closure for easy access. It also has multiple pockets for storage, built in openings for the Kindle's speakers, and is a slip case so that the Kindle slides into it without the concern of it breaking. Amazon also has several different brands of Kindle cases, covers, and folios for sale. If you prefer to have a leather Kindle case those are available.

Belkin Cases/Folio for Kindle

Belkin has several covers and cases for the Kindle. One of the best selling Kindle cases is the Belkin Neoprene Sleeve Case for the Amazon Kindle. There is a Belkin Kindle case for the Kindle DX and the 6 inch Kindle or other ebook readers. Belkin also has a couple of other Kindle cases, all of them made out of neoprene, which is good because it makes your Kindle even more protected as neoprene cases are waterproof. The other Kindle cases by Belkin are the Vue sleeve Kindle case, the Pleat Sleeve Kindle case, and the Grip Sleeve Kindle case. Each of the Belkin Kindle cases have their own unique features, but they all offer reinforced panels with soft inner lining. Some of these Kindle cases also have expandable pockets to store other accessories like a smartphone, digital camera, earbuds, and a charger. The Belkin Kindle cases also fit nicely into a larger bag, such as a messenger style, so you can carry everything with you comfortably. Another Kindle accessory by Belkin is the ebook light that attaches to cases, covers, and folios for Kindle reading anywhere.

Other Brands of Cases/Sleeves for Kindle

CaseCrown makes several Kindle cases. Timbuk2 also makes cases, folios, and sleeves for the Kindle and iPad. Some of the covers, cases, and folios for the Kindle wireless reader are also listed under the term sleeves. Sleeves and cases by Timbuk2 are very well made, and they make messenger bags and other types of bags as well. Instead of calling the product a case the companies, such as Designer Sleeves, Case Logic, Timbuk2, and and Protec refer to some of the ereader covers as Kindle sleeves or eReader sleeves. Using a Kindle sleeve allows you to slide your Kindle or other ereader right into the case as though it has a sleeve on it.

The Kindle, iPad, Nook, and other wireless readers are electronic readers, also called ereaders, so it makes sense the covering case for them would follow in name. Many Kindle sleeves also fit the iPad as well as netbooks, so you can actually get a cover, case, or sleeve for your Kindle and interchange it with your iPad or netbook, depending its size. Most of the Kindle covers and cases specify the sizes they fit right on their tag. Some Kindle users prefer to use something like an iPad messenger bag for the Kindle wireless reader. Using a small messenger bag for the wireless reader serves the same purpose as getting a case except you have a different way of carrying it.

Kindle Folio

Kindle folios are pretty cool. Acme has a hardback Kindle folio that meshes a protective silicone skin that snaps easily into a real linen book cloth hardback cover. The Kindle folios fold back like a book enabling you to read in comfort with either the skin or the entire ereader cover. It also has a soft micro suede lining. Kindle folios are cool because they make the Kindle wireless reader look like a book. Periscope also makes a Kindle folio. They have a Kindle folio booklight case that can fit a little memo pad, a pen, and a retractable light for reading. If none of these suit you then do not worry. There are plenty of other Kindle folios, cases, sleeves, and covers plus there are also several types of iPad folios that you can get to fit your Kindle DX or smaller Kindle 3.

Give the Gift of a Kindle Cover, Case, or Folio

Whether it is for Christmas, birthday, graduation, or another holiday gift giving time, the gift of a cover, case, or folio for a Kindle wireless reader is a perfect idea. Kindle wireless readers and other ereaders are very popular and well-received gifts. They are excellent gift ideas for men, women, teenagers, college students, and anyone else who loves to read or stay abreast of technology. You can also buy a Kindle DX wireless reader case and use it for the iPad. Whatever you are looking for there is a Kindle cover, case or folio for your taste.