Pay Less Than the Price Posted on the Flyers

Diaper Sale

Is diaper a top item on your shopping list? With so many variety of styles, package sizes and fitting sizes within just one brand of diapers like Pampers, comparing for the best deals can be difficult, especially when you have a little one fussing while you're going through the big pile of flyers at home. Here is a simple way to make the process easier and to help you get the best deal.

When comparing store prices, looking for the lowest selling price may not be the accurate way to go about finding the best deal. This is because of the variety of packaging sizes. Here in Canada, Walmart carries the biggest box sizes, followed by Superstore. The trick is to calculate based on a per diaper cost to get a true comparison. For example, for a box of Baby Dry Pampers, size 3, at Superstore costs $29.99 and at Walmart, it's $32.99. For first glance, it may seem that Superstore has a better deal, but when we look closer at the package size, Superstore carries the 173 box size while Walmart carries 222 size, when we do the math to get a per diaper cost, ($29,99/173 pc =$0.17) and ($32.99/222 pc =$0.15), we get $0.17 at Superstore and $0.15 at Walmart, and we see that it's actually Walmart that has the better deal.

Now for an even better way to get the best deal. I look for the competitor's advertisement for the lowest price and take it to the store where they have the biggest box size and ask for a price match. This week, it happens that Baby R Us is having a sale and all the box size Pampers are priced at $24.95, I took the flyer to Walmart since they carry the biggest box size, and got a price match. To use the same example as above, ($24.95/222 pc = $0.11) I got my diapers for just $0.11 each, which is the best price in town! 

With these low prices, you may want to stock up. I would suggest that you keep in mind how fast your little one grows up so you buy accordingly. Another way is to get rainchecks at places that honours them, as most places that are on sale sold out pretty fast, this way, you can buy them as you need. If you happened to overstock, they do make fabulous gifts for the next baby shower, wrap it up like a present or if you like to make it extra special, you can make a diaper cakes.