Dark Fashion

The gothic look, can be redolent with dark glamour. Indeed many designers such as: Christian Dior, Alexander McQueen and  John Galliano, have channelled gothic fashion, a style which essentially is inspired by the quaint and marvelous, Victorian era mourning fashions.

Described as "Haute Goth", by Cintra Wilson in the New York Times, the high fashion gothic glamour look, tends to be theatrical, extraordinary and darkly dramatic.  Gothic glamour dressing also stands out from the crowd, it is rather aloof and in every way different from the popular trash fashionsthat clutter the shopping malls, manufactured cheaply for the masses.

Elegant GothicCredit: Flickr by SoulStealer.co.ukCorsets and Gloves

 Corsets are a staple of the gothic style. Such apparel can possess high glamour, especially when fashioned from luxurious and seductive materials like: satin, velvet and lace. Colours of high gothic fashion, also tend to be opulent and extravagant, like jewelled reds, purples and emerald greens, but then there is black; undoubtedly the most preferred shade.

Karl Lagerfeld is another designer who has taken gothic toward haute couture and in indeed his own dress, often favours a black almost vampiral look, redolent of class and elegance. In 2007 Lagerfeld also hosted Soirée Moratoire Noire party and specified that a totally black tragic dress was required. And Lagerfeld is also well-known for his rather gothic quote:

“We live in a dark and romantic and quite tragic world.”

Plumbing The Darkness

Gothic Glamour CoupleCredit: Flickr by SoulStealer.co.ukDolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Valentino have also plumbed the dark, sophisticated and often sleek  brooding gothic glamour style, as it is a vogue that can be provocative, vampy and yet elite. The drama of the gothic glamour look, also suits the vixen, who has alabaster skin, blood-red lips and luxurious hair, but the style can be interpreted as severe and sleek, dripping with satin and leather or romantically, with black lace or feathers. 

Gothic glamour fashion may be dark and other worldly, but even as you stand in the shadows, the power and drama of the look will ensure that you radiate a bewitching aura.

Film Fashion

GlamorousCredit: Flickr by SoulStealer.co.uk

At the premiere of the film, Snow White and the Huntsman, both Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron radiated sophistication and sheer gothic glamour. Kristen Stewart unveiled a Marchesa gown of stunning black lace and Charlize Theron in Christian Dior, was a stunner in a sheer tulle creation. Both looked dark, daring, delectable and slightly dangerous.

   Gothic GlamCredit: Flickr by SoulStealer.co.uk



There is something aristocratic about the gothic glamour style, something of an older era of elegance, with a touch of class. The style brings to mind former days, when letters were written on scented paper in the finest copperplate script, when people sat in morning rooms and engaged in genteel talk,and sipped cups of tea. And yet with all this, there is still the electrifying undercurrent of seductive, allure, which is always foxy, yet provocative.

ElegantCredit: Flickr by SoulStealer.co.uk


Gothic Romanticism

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Gothic: Dark Glamour