Many people always get the wrong impression when it comes to gothic punk clothing. Actually, Punk and Goth are two kinds of subcultures. The Punk subculture is very much caught up in punk rock music setting, and a lot of rock and punk music followers are often confused as one of the Goth subculture.

The Goths, instead of being associated with some sort of music, are viewed by its advocates as merely a way of personal expression.

Commonly, wearing clothes in gothic style is just a response to the feeling of being an outcast from their community or somehow feeling disconnected from people around them, whatever that feeling is, it can simply fall back to feeling different.

The looks of the Goths have touches of various styles ranging from as far back as the middle- ages. The influence of the medieval period, Victorian period, and early twentieth century fashion styles are very evident in Gothic line of clothing, make-up and use of black eyeliner which are very dark and heavily applied.

While the gothic punk clothing is a mix of two fashion styles, it's also quite normal for punks and Goths to have a few resemblances when it comes to dressing and way of thinking.

Both subcultures are ferociously self-governing and strongly believe in self-expression. Moreover, both are very particular about their unique make-up and hair styles. The difference between the two is only with the choices of fashion style and color.

Usually, Punk garments are deliberately torn apart to make them look like sort of unfinished piece. On the other hand, Goths always wear nicely fitted clothing and they express their style via the selection of the materials for their clothes, color, and accessories. And as mentioned earlier, their fashion style is greatly influenced by earlier periods.

Other most common characteristic of the gothic clothes and styles is the apparent emphasis on sexuality. It is usual for the Goths, especially the women, to wear revealing clothes. The corsets and skin tight clothing normally emphasize the female form. Tights and hosiery are slit to highlight the legs. The snug pants on both males and females have the similar effect.

In conclusion, Goth Punk dressers rebuff the typical fashion styles and receptivity. Though they are two different groups, the gothic punk clothing is one evidence that they also have an influence with each other as well as similarities.

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