Everyone loves holidays! Other than having no class at school, this is the time to enjoy together with one's family and friends. Going out to picnic, spend a get-together event at Granny's house or dress up costumes that pattern the event.

Over the years celebrating Halloween is one of the most creative things to do. Dress up in costumes, play trick or treat, and most of all, wearing mascara and face paint. Kids have some unique ways to spend Halloween with their friends and supportive parents scan through the market as to what stuff should they buy for their kids.

Face make up has become a hit on popularity. It is now more used than mascara. Face make up can be used in different ways to be more creative. The most common face paint idea is to copy animals that ride on the occasion. Cats are one of them!

Kids adore cats so for Halloween let those kids look like cats for a day. Here, are some simple instructions on how to apply cat face paint. This is a detailed instruction on how to paint the eyes, nose, and the essential whiskers!

Now let's start by checking the checklist on the supplies that are needed. Common make up kits may do, but for a professional look requires professional face painting products. Also, include sponges and face painting brushes on checklist too.

The easiest part is to paint the nose. Paint the nose with a light color such as light pink or white. A darker color such as black is more suitable for boys. Make sure to cover the tip and underneath the nose.

Now move to the eyes. Apply a dark, shadow like color around the eyes and over the eyelids. Different colors can be used around the eyes. Extending the eyebrows will give a unique effect.

The central part in painting a cat face paint design is the whiskers. Paint at least three whiskers using eyeliner or paint brush using dark colors. Use your own imagination and fantasy in applying your personal touch. When using more than three whiskers make sure to incorporate it with the theme for cat face paint.

Cat face paint design is very easy to create, especially when you study some patterns. This allows you to give your child some best designs thus giving them the confidence to look best and have more fun. Kids can be very impatient on the whole process. They simply cannot wait until the face paints are done.