Seeking the ultimate tan? There are so many methods for achieving the ultimate tan. This includes both natural and artificial methods. It used to be that artificial methods of tanning left your skin looking orange, but no more. If you buy a good quality product and apply it correctly, then your tan can look as amazing as any natural methods.

Many popular methods for the ultimate tan include natural sunbathing, mist tanning, and using tanning beds. Both natural sunbathing and tanning beds expose your body to harmful UV light. Mist tanning is probably the safest method for a natural, beautiful tan. It all depends what your budget is an how much time you have. Mist tanning can take as little as a few minutes to complete. Natural tanning or tanning beds take a long time and multiple tanning instances. One exception is the use of tanning accelerators to achieve tanning much quicker.

Remember that if you choose the tanning bed or natural sunbathing that you are exposing your skin to harmful UV light. This could be cancer causing. Also, as you age your skin will look more wrinkled and damaged. Really an artificial method is the best way to look good now and later in life. Heck, if you damage your skin with sunbathing now, you'll probably resort to artificial methods later in life anyways. When your older you'll realize how damaging the sun really is and make a last ditch effort to preserve your skin.

To really get an ultimate tan through sunbathing or using a tanning bed, then you need to prepare your body. It's really important to bath yourself and exfoliate the skin. Remove all of that dead skin otherwise you won't have that nice smooth ultimate tan look. You should also consider shaving any excess hair from your body. Hair follicles can get in the way of the sun and cause your skin to have an uneven tan. This is really important for getting the ultimate beach tan. You may also want apply some ultimate tanning lotion to gloss your skin.

Most people won't take this advice, but use a low SPF lotion to help protect your skin from the UV light. This way you get an ultimate tan, while preserving your skin for the future. You don't want to end up aging faster or having droopy skin. Also, this will prevent future weekly visits to the dermatologist to monitor your skin disease.