For most fitness enthusiasts, it is never enough to just lose the extra fat stored in the body. Sure, this will do wonders for your health and your overall well-being, but the other side to being fit is to have toned body. This is why even a lot of people are still hitting the gym even if they are not obese or overweight.

Like staying within your recommended weight range (or lowering your weight until you reach the ideal number), developing the muscles in your body is crucial for you to be considered fit. Why? Having a toned body does not just make you visually appealing; it is an outside indication that you are at the peak of health. And of course, to be fit, you need to be healthy, too.

The appeal of having a toned body is so much so that there are a lot of fitness programs patterned around or that mimic the routine of known personalities with killer physiques, such as Vin Diesel. If you are one of those guys who would like to have the xXx star's build, chances are you have already tried searching for a Vin Diesel workout – and found quite a number in the process. But which should you choose?

The details of the Vin Diesel workout are not really available online; as such, the information you have is likely gleaned from interviews he has had and write-ups about him. This is why if you compare the "Vin Diesel workout" in one site to that in another, you will see a huge difference content-wise. This is not to say, however, that there is no truth in what they claim to be the action star's fitness routine.

If you examine the content of various Vin Diesel workouts, you will notice that there is a common thread among them: that is the fact that the star achieved his current build through intense workout regimes that combine free-hand routines with cardio exercises, and proper and enough food intake.

The Vin Diesel workout, although inaccurate in a sense, cannot be considered complete without taking into consideration his lifestyle. Vin Diesel is known to be very athletic, with frequent forays into sports and alternative approaches to fitness, such as Pilates and yoga. Hence, if you want to have his body, not only do you need to work out and eat properly – you also have to have an active lifestyle.