The iPad is nothing if not versatile; it can reflect you interests with apps and content to match pretty much anything you need.One popular niche for the iPad has become the kitchen, be it streaming music, displaying video or showing recipes to follow.

Before we get to the recommended apps it’s worthwhile looking at how others have positioned the device in their kitchen. I think it is important to keep the iPad screen covered with a protector and also off the counter base if you are to place it there. Popular options are:

Purpose built stands. Often made from wood that allows the iPad to be placed in an upright position, landscape or portrait, allowing you to be hands free most of the time. Usually they can cater for all iPad models and fit in with the kitchen aesthetic, as well as being quick to put out and away as they are non-permanent

The Pad Tab. This is a particular device that allows the iPad to be mounted onto any flat surface such as a fridge door, cabinet or wall. The bracket can hold up to 5lb and keeps the device away from cooking surfaces or hobs. It is secure and saves space but is a semi-permanent fixture, though the bracket is compatible with Apple’s smart cover and Padtabs clear case. Cooking wise once placed in good location there are no screen obstructions and it brings a new talking point to your kitchen.

A wall or cabinet mount. This option offers the same type of fixture as a small L.C.D television would and so can’t be wall mounted or cabinet mounted on or underneath the unit. This option will free up counter space and remains useful if directly over the work area. Being able to swivel makes this solution popular with people that want to use the screen for streaming video content also.

So if that is how to get the iPad into the kitchen then what should you put on it? Here are some of the most useful apps to get you started.

Jamie’s Recipes                       FREE + (In app purchase 0.69p until 14/08/12)

Jamie’s app is a well designed showcase that works well on the iPad. The screens are well laid out and as easy to follow as you would expect though it wont go into minute detail about everything. The app itself if free and comes with ten recipes and three videos, from there you must purchase ‘in-app’ any more content that you require. The additional content comes in the shape of themed packs and each contain ten recipes and some video. The idea is to let you pay for the content you want and avoid what you would not use. This open-ended structure allows content to continually be added.

 Big Oven                                  FREE

One of the most popular apps and at this cost there is no excuse not to make it a download. There are too many features to list here but includes over 170,000 recipes, a menu planning calendar, search by ingredient, finds recipes by ingredient, social links for uploading your own creations or try recipes from other users.There is an optional ‘Pro’ membership for $15.99PA offering extended features should you require more content.

Great British Chef’s Recipes     £2.49

Stylishly constructed and photographed this app features twelve of the most creative chefs working in Britain today, all of whom have been awarded Michelin stars, including Marcus Wareing, and Tom Aikens.
Putting over 180 recipes in the palm of your hand, the app delivers recipes from scallops with Ibérico ham and parsley foam to stuffed tulips, and bubblegum panna-cotta. Each chef has carefully designed three menus made up of five courses for you to follow, giving you the opportunity to search by ingredient, chef or course, the app brings the chefs to life to offer guidance.
Voice control makes cooking easier, allowing you to do so without touching your idevice.

I like this package, high quality content and a single price, though you wont be cooking from it every night.
The app is not compatible with 1st or 2nd Generation iPod Touch.

Epicuroius Recipies                 FREE

With Over 5 million downloads, recipes from the award-winning food site are now available on your iPhone and your iPad. Search more than 30,000 delicious, professionally created
You can use the Epicurious Recipes and Shopping List app on either the iPhone or the iPad. Whether you launch the app from an iPhone or iPad, you get the same robust feature set, customized for the device you're currently using.

Full screen cookbook displays ingredients, photos, and prep steps all in one screen: You can even bookmark preparation steps as you cook. Search food or drink recipes by keyword, or swipe through icons on the Search screen to filter by what's in your fridge, what's healthy, what's in season, what holidays are coming up, and more.

With not too much outlay the iPad can be  the perfect kitchen companion to help enhance and organise, not to mention it is hand to be able to stream your favorite music as you cook.