Streamline your internet life

Make the most out of Google cloud

Love it or hate it Google is more and more becoming part of our daily live.  The term “just Google it” is now just as much a a part of our vocabulary as “just look it up”. So much so even when you are saying  “just look it up” you are actually meaning I will just look on Google.  Go0gles` search engines success however has moved on and now Google offers you the opportunity to streamline and integrate much of your internet activity.

For many this can be a bit daunting so here’s a few pointers how to get going with googles offerings and get into cloud computing


Google Alerts.

Google alerts offers the ability to get access to new videos, articles and news feeds as and when they appear on the web. Whether you want to follow your favourite celeb, football team or a news item Google alerts will help you do this,. Going to will allow you to just type in your chosen must follow topic  and allow you to dictate how often you want a update.  You can also decide if you want an RSS feed or an email.  

Don’t worry if you are inundated with too much information you can always modify your setting  using search modifier. Just look them up in Google. 

 Google Smart Mail

If you are the organised type or just strive to be so and you use gmail then smart mail is for you.  Organise your inbox with labels, assign a priority as needed and a colour.  You can then just drag a label to you mail and you will have an inbox organised by urgency.  Of course if you want to you could also allow Google to do all the sorting automatically  before you even open your in box.   This is done by setting up filters but you can also use custom replies to groups . There are many other cool features of Google mail so just look them up in Google

Google Docs

For those which don’t know Google docs allows you to create documents online and share them. However  it is also now possible to for several people to log on and edit a document at the same time.  This of course offers the opportunity for collaborative working, in real time from across the globe.  Not only that it is possible to open discussions and share you comments in real time, on screen while editing the document additionally you can share folders and collections to open up multiple files to groups of your choice.   The big advantage is this is a free service easily accessible for everyone. For me this makes it the ideal choice for small businesses and families.


Of course not everyone likes Google and the do have their annoyances but it cannot be argued that they aren’t a reliable, free option. As far as cloud computing go they are a safe simple bet.