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Travelling on your Year Abroad

Are you about to embark on the journey of your life on a study year abroad? Or heading abroad to learn a new language and way of life? Well make the most of this opportunity to visit some of the places around you which are currently under threat of disappearing altogether. A year abroad provides you with the ideal opportunity to travel, whether it be to places such as Spain, Germany or England, or further a field to places such as Australia, Canada and the United States.

Every day there is something that we will do to harm our environment or the people around us. There are many people around who do not believe that their individual actions make a difference, but the fact is clear now, that global warming, cultural changes and political or religious disputes are destroying our world as we know it today. Here is a list of places which are under threat of disappearing, and could be the perfect escape for a weekend travelling on your year abroad:

 The Maldives

Paradise on earth – this title is perfectly suited to this stunning and enchanting island nation. Miles of white sandy beaches, incredible diving and snorkelling areas, and an atmosphere of escape and relaxation, make this wonderful destination true perfection. But how long will this last? The Maldives is currently the lowest land mass, at only one metre above sea level, and with current global warming issues, the sea level is rising at an alarming rate of 0.9cm a year. So make your trip while you can, as within the next century this ideal paradise could disappear completely.

 The Swiss Alps

Spending your year studying in Germany or France, or for that matter anywhere in Europe? Then grab your skis and head out for a thrilling trip to the Swiss Alps. Although the freezing temperatures which could be felt during the winter make it hard to believe that it was warmer than usual, it was the shorter time period of the ski season which made people realise that change was happening. More artificial snow and delayed holidays were the result of the lack of natural snow in the Swiss Alps thanks to global warming. Scientists have predicted that over the next few decades the glaciers will have melted dramatically, the snow-topped mountains will be dry, and the imposing and incredible landscape of Switzerland will have changed beyond recognition.

 Great Barrier Reef

As the largest coral reef in the world it is more than catastrophic to learn that within twenty years there is a high chance of the entire Great Barrier Reef collapsing, due to the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the water. Climate change, pollution, and mass tourism have led to this decline in water quality, and many parts of the reef have already been severely damaged. So if you’re looking to study English, why not head to one of the most diverse and beautiful countries, Australia. You will truly have the time of your life and will be able to travel to the exquisite Great Barrier Reef and experience it first hand before it’s too late. Situated off the north-east coast of Australia this unique world phenomenon is home to an infinite number of species and plants, and will create memories which you will never forget. Take care when snorkelling or diving, and appreciate the underwater paradise you will see around you.

 The Dead Sea

Floating on the surface whilst enjoying the beaming sunshine, the Dead Sea attracts visitors from around the world every year, but this won’t be possible for much longer. Thanks to global warming and the extraction of water from the Dead Sea to use the mineral salts, the Dead Sea is in fact evaporating. It has been calculated that since 1970 the water level has dropped by around 3 feet (1 metre) per year, with this rate ever-increasing. So if you are based in areas such as Italy then hop on a flight and enjoy a weekend floating amongst the natural minerals.

 The Netherlands

It is a well known fact that around 27% of the land area of the Netherlands is located below sea level, meaning that approximately 60% of their population currently lives lower than the sea itself. It is these areas which are under a great risk of disappearing completely, due to the rising water levels. Although many precautions have been taken to prevent flooding as much as possible, these barriers will not last forever.


Where better to learn the romantic language of Italian than the most romantic city of Venice in Italy. The “city of water” is considered to be amongst the most beautiful cities throughout the whole world, and consists of a unique network of canals and islands. With the main means of transportation as boat or gondola, it is no surprise that the Venetians are very used to frequent flooding. However, scientists have proven that due to the combination of the rising sea levels and the fact that the city is slowly sinking, it will not be long before this unique romantic escape, can no longer protect itself from the water.

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