Have you ever wondered how some people just naturally seem to get good marks? Every mark they get back is a 95 or even 100 percent. You ask them how they do it and you never get a clear response. Well this is why I wrote this article. To show you how you can bump your grades up and get those high marks! Those people with the good grades are not naturally born with the ability to get good marks. Some what of an effort is put into making sure those marks are good. If that means studying, or note taking, paying attention in class. Whatever it may be, these people make sure they get the grades they want.

  So the first step to getting good grades and to make the honour roll. Or whatever your goal may be is to pay attention. This plays a major role in getting your grades up. The more you pay attention the better your test scores well be. This takes no effort at all remember. All you have to do is sit and just listen to what the teacher is saying! This is so simple yet so many people choose to not do this. I can prove this works by my recent test score in Biology. For one unit all I did was pay attention. I did no studying what so ever. When the night before the test arrived i had to work. No time to studying. I wasn't worried at all though. When I got my grade back I couldn't believe it...a 76! And that was with no studying! Imagine how much better I would have done if I would have paid attention.

 The second thing you can do to get those grades up is note taking. Taking notes plays a huge role in improving your marks. Say the night before a test you decided to study. Well wouldn't it be helpful if you had some notes to look at? Most of the time teachers well make questions from the notes they get you to take. It also helps to do a 15 minute review each night of your notes, so the information stays in your head.

Studying. This requires a little bit of work...but the results are so worth it. Studying keeps the information in your head and helps you better understand what you are learning.  I know from experience that this takes effort, but like I said before...its worth it!

And thats all! Just like that, a simple three step guide that can help you to bump those grades up! I know this has been a huge help in my case and I am so glad I decided to apply these three steps to my daily routine. Without these three steps I would not be doing so well in my classes. These steps are so great in improving your marks. I hope you decide to take the step to study, note take, and pay attention! It well get you so much farther in life. Happy studying!