For many people, creating a flow of conversation without any awkward silent moments is very hard. They struggle with the right words to say rather than being themselves and letting the conversation flow naturally. First date conversation should be light, fun, interesting, and relevant. Try to steer away from an gossip, political discussions, and one way conversations about personal achievements. This is not meant to be an online dating guide, but I do strive to present some useful online dating hints. Here are a few first date conversation starters to help keep things moving along for a successful date.

Talk About Talking

It makes no difference if you are grouped as single men or single women. There are times when it is just hard to think of something to say. One of the best ways to start a conversation is to talk about how hard it is to talk. By doing so, you are addressing the problem, but also engaging in conversation that naturally progresses into different topics.

Ask About Their Day

Part of the first date is to find out more information about the person you are on the date with. One way to do this is to talk about their day. Let them explain the highs and lows of their day while including comments, suggestions, and maybe even comparisons with your own day. This alone is enough for a full evening of great conversation.

Talk About Past Meet Ups

This might be the first date between two people, but perhaps not the first time that they have talked to each other. Conversation that is built on past meet ups, phone conversations, emails, or text messages can bring back pleasant memories, instill some history, and bring about funny moments.

Ask About Likes and Dislikes

When there is a small lull a great first date conversation starter is to simply ask about the other person's likes and dislikes. This could be what they think of the bestselling book at the time, the movie playing at the theater, or their favorite type of foods. Whatever will spark the conversation going again will keep any awkward moments.

That first date conversation must be something that both people feel comfortable with. If one person is struggling with the topic, then ditch it and create another conversation avenue. By doing so you are also showing that person that you are sensitive to their needs at that moment. The best first date conversation starter is always something that you feel natural with or what is present during a specific outing or situation. For a successful date, people should just have fun with the conversation and enjoy the date.